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Nader: vote for Kerry in swing states

I take back most of the bad things I have said about Nader, I support his goal of pulling the dems back to the Left where they belong, I support his goal of trying to get a multiparty system set up, etc. I have been worried we would see Nader pull enough votes from Kerry that we got stuck with another Bush term, but Nader is trying to make sure that does not happen!

The above is just the link to the following repost.

June 23, 2004 -- NPR's Robert Siegel travels with independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader in Illinois and Indiana. Nader says he is running for the office as a way to steer the Democratic Party toward an agenda he advocates. The longtime consumer advocate wants would-be supporters to attend his rallies, but he says he wants them to feel free to cast their votes for Sen. John Kerry once they enter the voting booth -- especially in swing states where their vote might help defeat President Bush.
Nah, he's disingenuous. He should not 27.Jun.2004 13:52


be on the ballot in swing states, if that's the way he really feels.