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Question About Nader Convention

Can someone tell me if I have to be there the whole time?
I was not going to bother, but hearing these stories about people working to keep Nader off the ballot is pissing me off. We need more choices, not fewer, and these efforts are nothing more than a blatant attempt to suppress dissent and the democratic process.

So now I want to fight these anti-democratic efforts. Can I just show up at the convention to sign the petition, or do I need to be there the whole time? I want to help get Nader on the ballot, but kind of don't want to spend two hours with the (slightly annoying) Nader crew.
nader convention 24.Jun.2004 13:12

pissed off too

hahahahaha. There's nothing like the two parties to convince us we need a third! I'm no authority, but I understand they need 1000 people at the same time. One problem last time, so I heard, was that some people got tired of waiting and left while others arrived. So this morning on KBOO Nader asked everyone to arrive early--I think he'll make it this time. He was only 200 people short last time, and as you said, the Democrats are encouraging us to put Nader on the ballot. :->

Yeah, It might take some time 24.Jun.2004 13:16


Unfortunately, I think you do have to stay there as people gather, if not for the whole time. There are people from the state who count everyone who gathers, and not until there are 1,000 people can signing begin. I think the signing would occur right away when there is at least 1,000 people, though. If everything goes to plan, the signing occurs and then Nader will give a speech (which I don't think you'd have to sit through, if you didn't want).

So, does anyone else have any more info?

By the way the Nader Convention is at 5:00 pm at Benson High this SATURDAY, for anyone else who is interested.

Info on Convention 24.Jun.2004 14:21


You will need to be there until the requisite 1000 people are in the door. Then there is the legalese part, then the signing, then Ralph comes out and gets us fired up.

See you there.

Answers to your questions 24.Jun.2004 14:25


Thanks for the support! We need everyone there to help get Ralph on the ballot and send a strong message to the Democrats and the Republicans that we will take back our democracy from corporate interests!!

Due to strict guidelines set by the state the structure of the event will be as follows:
*5 pm- Doors open, people begin coming in. We will have voter registration cards available so people can register or re-register to ensure that their signature will count (as you can imagine, these signatures will be intensely scrutinized). People can go into the auditorium and sit and watch videos or visit the tables that will be set up by various progressive groups. Ralph will take the stage at some point to speak.
*As soon as the count (maintained by State Elections Officials) reaches 1,000 people we will ask that everyone takes a seat in the auditorium (again, the rules are strict, and state that everyone must be in the same room). The convention will be called to order and all the mandated procedural stuff (calling the convention to order, etc. ) taken care of. At this point people can begin signing petitions. Once you have signed the petition, you can leave...although you may miss Ralph speak....
*The best way to ensure that you don't have to "spend two hours with the (slightly annoying) Nader crew" is to show up right at 5 pm and bring 999 of your closest registered voter friends! :)

In all seriousness, whether or not you decide to vote for Ralph in November, I urge everyone who believes in the right of third party candidates to have ballot access to attend the convention on Saturday. It will be a great event and, as anyone who has seen Ralph speak before can attest, it will be an energizing, thought-provoking, and exciting experience in true grass-roots politics.

Thanks again for your support. Hope to see everyone there!

The convention is Saturday, June 26 at Benson High School in NE Portland. Please arrive at 5pm for the above mentioned reasons. For more information you can visit www.naderoregon.org or www.votenader.org or call 503.244.2647 ext. 112

Tell everyone about the convention 24.Jun.2004 15:27


Former Democrat,

Another thing that you (and others) can do to help get the Nader choice on the ballot is to spread the word. If you know of anyone who might be interested, let them know the details (when, where). Every bit of help really matters. There are only a few days left, but I'm sure there are alot of interested people who haven't yet heard. Peace.

Activist Camejo chosen as running mate 24.Jun.2004 22:27

Socialist Worker online

Left Green on Nader ticket

By Alan Maass | June 25, 2004 | Page 2

RALPH NADER has chosen leading Green Party member Peter Camejo as his running mate in the 2004 presidential election. The announcement came a few days before the Green Party was set to meet at its convention in Milwaukee to choose a presidential candidate.

Nader, who was the party's presidential candidate in 2000, has said that he doesn't want the Greens' nomination, but wants its endorsement, which could help him get on the ballot in 22 states and the District of Columbia.

Camejo and his supporters in the Green Party hope to win that endorsement for Nader at the convention, overcoming a challenge from David Cobb, who is campaigning for the Green's presidential nomination by advocating a "safe state" strategy of not challenging the Democrats' nominee John Kerry in states where a Green vote could tip the balance for Bush.

Camejo ran two Green Party campaigns for governor of California that won hundreds of thousands of votes--first in the 2002 general election and then the 2003 special recall election that drove Gray Davis out of office.

He stole the show in several debates during the recall election campaign, speaking out for universal health care and affordable housing and resistance to the Washington war machine. Camejo put forward a simple solution to the state's huge budget deficit that underlay the recall vote--tax the rich.

Camejo's political activism dates back to the 1960s, when he marched for civil rights in the U.S. South and was kicked out of the University of California-Berkeley for his antiwar activism. As a member of the Socialist Workers Party, he ran for president in 1976. And he has a longstanding record of fighting for immigrant rights and against racism in the U.S.

At the press conference where his vice presidential candidacy was announced, Camejo insisted that the U.S. war on Iraq was the central issue of the 2004 election. Declaring that the U.S. has "perhaps the most backward electoral system" among industrial countries, Camejo told reporters, "It is amazing to watch Democrats go out and campaign telling people not to vote for who they're for, not to vote for the platform they want, but to vote against what they believe in."

Camejo called the Democrats' presidential candidate John Kerry "a guy who will come in and set it up for the Bushes to come back--because the Democrats never challenge the underlying premises of what the Republicans are doing."

Despite the onslaught of Democratic Party slanders against him, Nader continues to win 6 or 7 percent support in some recent national opinion polls. This is a sign of the disgust with the candidates of the two mainstream parties--in particular, on the issue of the U.S. war and occupation of Iraq, which Nader is the only major candidate to oppose. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Nader's selection of Camejo gave further shape to a left-leaning, antiwar campaign."

A vote for Nader... 24.Jun.2004 22:28


is a vote against the Chevrolet Corvair, one of the most advanced European-like autos America built in the 1960s, powered by a rear-mounted and -driven flat opposed six with turbocharging. With handling better than the Porsche or BMW of its day and superior gas mileage, it could well have led American car makers to a wholly different engineering paradigm, short-circuiting the Japanese automobile invasion before it ever got started.
This is what Ralph Nader robbed America of!
If it wasn?t for Ralph Nader, all of America would be a much different place today, with smaller more fuel efficient better performing cars, less dependence upon Middle East oil and less crowded highways. Ralph Nader substituted his own personal ambition and love of the limelight for what is good for General Motors and what is good for America.
Ralph Nader is unworthy of any true auto enthusiasts? vote!

Charlie 24.Jun.2004 23:18

George Bender

Ancient history. Don't you have anything more important to think about?

I doubt very much that whatever is good for General Motors has ever been good for the rest of us.

I had a Corvair in the 60s. It was just a car, probably no better or worse than the other clunky cars of its time. Big deal. My experience is that most cars are a pain in the ass. Probably because I never had the money to buy a good one.

I will gladly dispense with the votes of "true auto enthusiasts." We're into politics here, not cars.

However, I give you points for eccentricity.