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police abuse 8:30 pm near the ablibi and max station in n pdx
i was biking down the street near the alibi and the max station and saw three cops (1 squad car and two on bikes) tackle a young black male for apparent reason, they asked him for his id and as he tried to get his wallet they just lunged him top the ground, then, to add insult to injury one of the cops stepped on the black kids hand that was laying on the street. the kid starting yelping in pain but the officer refused to stop stepping on his hand. did anybody else happen to see this about 8;30 pm ??? did anybody get footage
told ya 24.Jun.2004 12:23


in bellingham wa. a few years ago a white man was witnessed to puch a street musician skater type in the face.the young man was bleeding profusely with a 2 inch wide swath of blood from his eye all the way down to his throat.the cops didnt even handcuff the preppie jock looking assaulter.cops were speaking diplomatically and quietly to him.asking him 'his side of the story'.cops never ask me my side of any story.cause im black!! where is this crap leading??i guess iraquis are tired of their 'police stations' !

let me guess? 24.Jun.2004 13:19

the 3 PoPo

involved were King, Sery, & McCollister! Once an asshole, always an asshole!

It would have been nice if you got badge numbers 24.Jun.2004 13:27


I totally understand not wanting to take the risk of approaching these cops, not sure I would have had the balls to do it, so I am not trying to mock you. But it would have been nice if you could have had a camera phone or some other way of recording the situation, or if you could have asked for their badge numbers (they practice saying them so often in the academy that it is reflex, they rarely don't tell people).

In any case, here is the link to the deck of infamy, odds are pretty good that some of the cops beating that guy are in here. If you can spot a face, you will have a badge number, name, rank, area of assignment and date of hire. The worst 5% of the PPB is in this deck. Also, if you carry this deck with you, it has an incident reporting form on one of the cards, so you can record vital info while walking away from the unsafe area before you forget (we all forget things).


Hint for the future: if you e-mail the PPB public info desk with a time, date and location for this incident, they might tell you who the arresting officer was. It actually works about half the time (legally supposed to work every time, but following the law is not the LAPD, err, I mean "PPB" style).
Card backing
Card backing
Fuckin' joker
Fuckin' joker
Random violent cop
Random violent cop

A place to start... 24.Jun.2004 16:16


You can start by reporting it here:
They should be able to help.

videotape should go to the northwest constitutional rights center 24.Jun.2004 17:44


someone mentioned a videotape on a different thread about this incident.

if this tape is yours or you know where it is, you should call alan graf at the northwest constitutional rights center so that the attorneys there can review it for a potential lawsuit against the police officers that did the beating.

here is the contact information:

Alan Graf
Northwest Constitutional Rights Center
1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 230
Portland, Oregon 97205

(503) 452-2375--right next to the downtown public library.