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What does John Kerry stand for?

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We deserve better!
We deserve better!
I read the news today, oh boy...
The dems are asking yet again for Ralph Nader to step down from the race. Why? Better yet, why don't the Dems step down? Hell, at least I know what Ralph Nader intends to do when he's President. At least he has a plan for America. It's been months since Kerry has effectively been the Democratic candidate and I don't know any plan he has for America. All he's running on is undoing Bush's policies. How does that help? His only plan is to send us back four years? Are you kidding?
His whole agenda is based on undoing rather than doing. And everything else is just empty rhetoric. Here, I'll show you what I mean: (Taken from Johnkerry.com - on the issues)

1. On the economy: "John Kerry is unveiling a comprehensive economic agenda that will unleash the productive potential of America's economy to help it create 10 million jobs in his first term as President."
-Thanks John, let me know when it's actually unveiled okay?

2. Winning the Peace in Iraq: "What's needed now is leadership - to finish the job in Iraq the right way - because America can and must do better."
-I know it's fun to guess and all, but could you be a little more specific about what the right way is? Oh wait, here it is: "the establishment of a high commissioner for governance and reconstruction, and the creation of a NATO mission for Iraq."
-Ahhh, more beauracracy - thanks Kerry, that's exactly what we need more red tape and paper pushers. Let me know how that works out for you. Sure seems to be working pretty well for the environment.

3. Access to Affordable Health Care: "John Kerry believes that your family's health is just as important as any politician's in Washington. Our nation needs a leader who has the courage to take on the big insurance and drug companies to make that same health care plan affordable for every American."
-Agreed, but if only we had, oh I don't know, a specific plan to achieve that.

4. Education: "By supporting teachers, reducing class sizes, rebuilding crumbling schools, and standing up for high standards in our public education system, John Kerry has the courage to fight for our children's future every day."
-Is this a policy or an answer from a Ms. America pageant? And where does this money come from during a war?

5. "John Kerry is for the children of America."
-Thank God! With all those Anti-children candidates out there I think it's great that Kerry sets himself apart.

...and it goes on like that. I'm not trying to bash Kerry, but why should I vote for a guy with hollow policy ideas who tells our country that for four years we've been wrong. His only specific policies are in direct opposition to Bush's policies. I can't stand Bush, but he least he has a specific plan and vision...so did Dean, but I guess that doesn't matter to the Democrats. I just feel betrayed. I know we need to get rid of Bush, but if this is the best they can come up with I'd rather spend my vote elsewhere. You want me to vote for a Democrat give me someone I can believe in. I'm not voting for Kerry simply because I don't like Bush - that's not enough of a reason for me. I'm a voter not an anti-voter.

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My Candidate Sucks Donkey Dick, But Please Vote for Him Anyways 24.Jun.2004 10:58

Kerry Choosing Dumbfuck

Don't Surrender Until November! 24.Jun.2004 11:07


First of all, I want to thank you for a great post! As a Nader supporter I find it astonishing that so many people who are vehemently opposed to his candidacy can't tell me anything substantive about what Kerry (or whomever they are supporting) believes. The reason for this, I believe, is because Kerry has very little substantive information out there about his policy issues. As your post illustrates, we are severely lacking in real, quality information about his platform (who isn't "for the children of America"??). In stark contrast to this is Nader's platform. Not only does he discuss, in depth, all the issues the two major party candidates ignore, he gives detailed policy statements about how exactly he plans to implement these policies.
There is no reason for anyone to surrender their vote to Kerry this early in the election cycle. Make him earn your vote by seriously discussing the important issues and clearly defining his platform and the ways he plans to execute it. One way to do this is to include Nader in the electoral process. Whether or not you decide to vote for him in November is up to you, but including him on the Oregon ballot and urging the Democrats and Republicans to include him in the debates will force a real debate about the issues that would otherwise be ignored.
Finally, for those of you who may argue that a vote for Nader is a wasted vote, I would argue, in the words of Ralph Nader himself, that the only wasted vote is one in which you vote for someone you don't believe in.
Come help get Ralph Nader on the Oregon Ballot at the nominating convention. It's THIS SATURDAY, June 26th, from 5 to 7pm (please arrive at 5pm) at Benson High School in NE Portland (near Lloyd Center).

Kerry stands for the Bush Agenda 24.Jun.2004 12:17

Get Nader on the Ballot!

Nice posting, and so apt. It fails to mention one other thing that Kerry stands for, though, and that is Bush's agenda.

Anybody but Bush? What a twisted and sick, simplistic argument to make to voters. Kerry supporters should read up on the issues and Kerry's platform, and stop parroting anti-Nader propaganda and hate. Besides, since when has "cowardice" EVER been an effective political strategy? Is this the best "strategy" that Democrats can come up with? Telling it's rank and file to COWARDLY submit to Democratic leadership, because bush is so bad. It's entirely pathetic.

What I find so astonishing is the argument to vote "Anybody But Bush" -- but, wait a second. This is asking people to vote Kerry, who HIMSELF has votes and supports much of BUSH's policies (homeland security, the patriot act, no child left behind, fast track, THE WAR, etc.) Why the hell isn't KERRY voting for Anybody but Bush HIMSELF (if he thinks Bush is SOOO Bad). Why don't supporters demand that, he too, vote AGAINST Bush. It's absolutely absurd. Why aren't democrats holding their own party responsible for their party's Bush-support? Then, they demand that everyone vote the "lesser of two evils". How is their a "lesser" evil, when both the evils work hand in hand?

Truthfully, Democrats (and their corporate backing) want to shut up Nader because they are afraid that people will learn the truth about corporate domination of our government -- that BOTH parties are allied with corporate and monied interests acting against HUMAN interests. The cracks are beginning to show, and both parties know it. That is why the democrats are scrambling so hard to try to censor Nader and fight ballot-access. This is reason alone to make sure that Nader gets on that ballot. Not only is the democratic party is not representing people, they are actively engaged in trying to shut out debate and dialogue. In the end, they are denying people the representation that is within their right.

Get Nader on the ballot!

Nader endorsed Kucinich 24.Jun.2004 12:19

give Kerry the boot

Did you hear Kerry's optimistic quote today
'We're the can-do people'

Folks there is still time to overthrow Kerry at the DNC July 26. There is so much love behind Dennis Kucinich, and every day that goes by Kerry looks more and more pathetic. Sometimes I even feel sorry for him. I think he is insecure and might fall apart from all the protests of him.

Imagine thousands of people outside the DNC shouting "WE WANT DENNIS WE WANT DENNIS WE WANT DENNIS!!!" The democratic is the party of the people, not the party of the DNC officials/media who decide elections for us. Bullshit! WE want a choice. Dennis has the kind of integrity that reaches across party lines. What republican who understands the lies of the bush administration will switch over to someone who believed them and will continue their mistakes? NO ONE! Dennis has been standing up to this adminstration and the lies every step of the way, and he will reach over to the majority of people who want to stop the bloodshed now! and give Iraq their country back, as well as the millions of americans who have no health care....Dennis will win!! ....easily. It is Kerry and Bush who are unelectable. Do not think that we cannot make a difference. It has always been just a handfull of passionate people who have made all the difference. The others will follow.

Screw you military industrial assholes.  Bring them home now!!!!!
Screw you military industrial assholes. Bring them home now!!!!!

Need Help 16.Jul.2004 18:42


I have just recently reached the age of 18 and am voting for the first time of my life. In the past I have had a strong opinion on who to vote while unable to do so. And now I find myself with many questions that never occured to me before because one of these canidates will determine so many things in the years to come; how much tuition will increase for me, how much taxes i will have to pay, the freedoms that I was born with and have been repealed by the Patriot Act, and the most important who will be the best leader of our country. I have seen the way Bush has run our country and have been sickened by his hidden agendas and so-on. I see John Kerry another spineless unoriginal democratic canidate who seems to be the president I have to "settle" for. I wish the system was less focused on stupid things like running around and screaming like an idiot or we would have had a good canidate in Dean. I have no devotion to one party and am very pleased with Nader and many other third parties but every time I open a dicusiion with anyone they discourage me that I am throwing my vote away (even by some assholes who arent even voting). But I believe that the only way to throw your vote away is by not exercising your right to do so. Im sorry I have not presented any useful information Im just a ranting unfufilled political youth who needs advice on who to vote for.
P.S Kucinich is not an option dumbass Americans could never spell nor pronounce his name think of a president with a difficult name. Hmmmm? Garfeild?

I feel the same way... 22.Jul.2004 11:11

amanda a_watkins777@yahoo.com

I cant stand Bush or Kerry, but then who do you vote for? What I really dislike most is that we cant seem to get a simple answer to anything we want to know. Everybody is encouraging people in my age bracket to vote but not giving us any good ideas on who or what to vote on, its frustrating.