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Tre Update: June 23, 2004

A current update from Tre. (Tre Arrow is a vegan environmentalist who is against corporate greed, animal cruelty, and environmental destruction.
June 23, 2004

Tre says thank you all for your love and support! Happy solstice! He is doing well, despite the conditions he is living in. While we talked on the phone this evening, he paused to thank a jail mate for an extra banana given to him. Tre is very kind hearted, and it is ironic that such a peaceful soul in in such an unpeaceful place.

Having said that, here are some current notes!

On June 30th, (Wednesday) at 10 am, he would like everyone to visualize that the "member of the immigration board deems him admissible for his refugee claim." He MIGHT be able to get out on June 30th if is a positive outcome. (I believe this is the hearing titled: Admissibility hearing.)

Please pray for him if you aren't able to attend the hearing! He says thank you all, and Namaste!

Here is some background on the case, and other information you might be interested in:

TALDF stands for "Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund" ... There are two funds set up, one in Canada and one in the United States. Right now, the Canadian fund needs money a lot more. We still need bail money, so if you are able to contribute, PLEASE DO! Contact David for banking information.

Write letters of support to Tre, care of his attorney: (Please use recycled or scrap paper!!!)

Tre Arrow
C/o Rudy Kischer
Embarkation Law Group
609 W. Hastings St., 6th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6B 4W4 Canada

If you aren't already on the "Free Tre Arrow" updates list, please check out  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/freetrearrow and consider getting current information.

If you would like to help plan (or plan one yourself!!!) a fundraiser for TALDF, please let us know! Here are some events that are already planned with the Portland support group: ( TALD@griffinsforge.com)

*July 7th "A Day For Tre" : On the anniversary of the first day of his historic 11 day ledge sit we hope to have a variety of festivities, which may include an appearance by renowned author Derrick Jensen. Imagine if everyone in the world who cared about justice gave $11 to Tre's defense and 11 hours of their life to positive action! Keep it tuned here for details.

*July 30th Julia Butterfly makes an appearance in Portland specifically to benefit Tre! Thanks to Martha for scoring this major coup!

All of the above events are in Portland Oregon, if you would like to help out ~ or if you have an idea for an event you would like to put on to benefit Tre, any time any where, we would love to support and empower you to do so!! Please contact  TALD@griffinsforge.com for more information on how YOU can get involved!

I guess that is about all right now. Thank you for your continued support. Please visualize Tre getting OUT of prison, and back into the happiness of nature where he belongs.



homepage: homepage: http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/freetrearrow

So what happened in court today? 23.Jun.2004 20:34


This info seems a bit dated.

Whats the latest?


Update not needed, yet 24.Jun.2004 16:52


I believe Tre's next court date is at the end of this month. Am I right?