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Yeah! Mike D's current lawyer, Diane Rader, has arranged a release hearing for him tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the Clackamas County Courthouse.
Yeah! Mike D's current lawyer, Diane Rader, has arranged a release hearing for him tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the Clackamas County Courthouse. I'm sure the phone calls helped encourage her to prioritize his case.

I just finished talking with Diane, and she said that the major impediment to Mike D being released is that he is homeless and has no reliable address or phone number. Of course, we know that Mike D is easily reached at Street Roots or Cascadia Rising; however, the system wants him to have a "home." Diane told me that a number of homeless people just wander off and never come back.

I'm sure any number of people would be willing to step up and offer Mike D an address and phone number, but I don't know what his wishes would be. We should think about who could best provide a homebase for Mike D to make the courts feel secure.

I understand that a show of support can make a big difference at a hearing. Please come if possible.
solidarity for Mike D 24.Jun.2004 09:27


This situation is very important because it draws attention to how the state oppresses "homeless" (i like cageless myself) people. Frankly I think that living on the streets for ideological reasons is quite acceptable and appropriate and gives the ability to confront the power structure without having to worry...what about my job, what about my rent, ok officer i'll do what you say, i can consider myself an anachist though can't i? Thank you Mike for not backing down to the authorities and making them carry you off. The violence of the state needs to be shown. We should head down to city hall on the next wednesday that the council can be addressed and show some solidarity there if they decide to hold him. Further I think that with the recent ruling on the sidewalk obstrction ordinace we could have a nice little round the clock solidarity showing and the city wouldn't be able to do a thing. They may try but if we had a few committed people it could be pulled off.

I can offer my home address and phone number for Mike to utilize. I work 9-5. 24.Jun.2004 10:29

Tome Jo

Here is the sheriff's response to my inquiry about Mike D.

Hi Tome:

I spoke with an individual via phone the other day regarding Mr. McMullin. Her inquiry was similar to yours regarding the incarceration of Mr. McMullin for misdeamor offenses, bail amount and the solitary confinement. When I looked into this matter, I found Mr. McMullin had been directed by Circuit Court Judge Thom to be held in custody until his trial. We (the Jail) are following the order of the court, which I as the Sheriff am required to do. The 50K bail is a result of a Failure to Appear on a criminal charge. I did not research this particular issue. When Mr. McMullin was taken into custody he was found to have his hair in dread-locks. If the inmate cannot remove the dred locks then they are placed in isolation, until they can either remove them, or they are carefully inspected by a deputy for any material, including sharp edged items, i.e. glass, metal, etc. that could be used to harm anyone within the jail facility. In Mr. McMullins case his dread locks were so tight, it required the inspection of a corrections deputy.

As to Mr. McMullins trial date, I do not have that information, and would refer you the docketing clerk of the court.

Thanks for your inquiry,

Pat Detloff


2006 NE Davis St. Portland Or, 97232

can you believe that dredlock shit? 24.Jun.2004 11:15

is this oppression?

Can you believe that dredlock shit? And apparently it took a long time for them to get around to it, too. I wonder what they have to go through to "search" his dredlocks.

who's watchin' the cops? 24.Jun.2004 20:53

dreadlock mama

everyone in dreadlocks gets solitary confinement now? scare me!
hopefully all the dreadheads are as lovable and well-blessed with friends as is mikey-d

otherwise who knows what they'll do to us when no-one else is watching
watch out for eachother brothers and sisters. i would be happy to have a phone number to connct to some kind of phone-tree to call to get some support if the cops come knockin. one of the more inspirational stories i've heard was about an activist who was being harassed by an officer in his own home. he called someone who got together a bunch of other activists in the community who then showed up and scared the cop offf simply by being silent observers

good luck to mike-d he is a good friend- a builder and a planter- for all those who wish to live respectfully and sustainably on this breathing blue orb
do not let us have our attention distracted in this matter- we have to watch out for him as we would wish others watch out for us in our time of need- or there may not be any mike-d's left to speak out for us