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New Non-Profit Music Center for Teens Open in Hollywood Library Building

Old Library Studio, a new non-profit recording studio and music technology center for teens opens in July in the old Hollywood Library building.
The Old Library Studio is a non-profit recording studio and music technology center for young adults. The program is a bold new attempt to reach creative music students who might not fit into traditional music education. Employing a student centered curriculum, Old Library Studio empowers students to explore their own creativity while utilizing cutting edge music technology. Students will be encouraged to learn modern musical styles and techniques not included in standard music programs. Students will have access to a supportive community of accomplished mentors who have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to share.

Students will also have access to an educational library of written and recorded musical resources. In addition to our basic composition and recording technology classes, Old Library studio offers a series of special topics classes taught by innovative instructors. Regular musical performances will give students a chance to see music in action and gain a more broad and balanced musical understanding. Finally, special educational clinics with accomplished musical artists will give students a chance to get an artist's perspective on creative music making.

Students are encouraged to enroll now for classes and projects. No experience is needed, only an interest in music and basic computer skills.

homepage: homepage: http://www.oldlibrarystudio.org