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Mike D's Lawyer changed again

Mike D's lawyer has changed again. Now it is Diane Rader. 503-703-0440. Please assume she is on Mike D's side, until she's not. The last lawyer says that they had vacation scheduled in July when the new trial date is set. They also said that many lawyers have vacation that week. Funny business.

Also I called Martha Schrader's office, Clackamas County Commissioner. Her assistant sounded very helpful. I'm not getting my hopes up.

I know that Stu and Alan are really busy....but, there are other NLG lawyers. Mike D is getting screwed hard by his indigent defense lawyers. I wish we could establish evidence of a conspiracy. He really needs someone who cares to get involved or at least to get a communication channel up and going.
Maybe call the commissioners office....but, be nice they may help.

Also, I think a proposal for non-violent direct action at the jail, sheriff's office, or town hall should be formulated soon, even if not needed, in the event that Mike D. cannot get a release hearing on the quick due to the circumstances.
lawyer's phone number 23.Jun.2004 16:23

count me in

Hmm. The phone number in this post didn't work for me. The one I have for Diane Rader is 503-655-7437. That is a direct line. I did speak to her, but the connection was bad and she asked me to call back later. I'm not very technologically savvy but I guess she and her cell phone were in a bad location.

Thanks for the post. All input is good input. Don't trust the Clackamas Commissioners--they're a slippery, cold bunch. But it doesn't hurt to put polite pressure on them.

Having an Oregon City action would be a kick. They don't get much of that in Oregon City. Count me in.

Count Me In 23.Jun.2004 19:22


Lets get moving on this.All talk and no action is just a bunch of useless jabber.Who do we contact to start putting a plan into an action?

Mike D Release Hearing 23.Jun.2004 20:04

tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.

I have updated news. Just spoke to Mike D's attorney and his release hearing is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday). I have been trying to post an article with details about the hearing and carpools, but have so far been unsuccessful. Keep you eye out for the upcoming posting.

What a difference a day makes 23.Jun.2004 20:26


Hey SB, tomorrow is Thursday NOT Wednesday. You need a vacation! Everyone who can show up at the Clackamas County Courthouse in Oregon City tomorrow, THURSDAY! at 3PM.

Thursday 23.Jun.2004 20:37

Not Wednesday

Today is Wednesday so tomorrow is Thursday.

Thanks for the Catch, Folks 23.Jun.2004 21:19

i tried

All right, I tried to get the day of the week right. My husband's been home sick for the past two days, so I'm disoriented. Thanks for the help, all!