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occupied territory report back/police repression

i hate pigs
occupied territory report back

the beginning of OT,was,well rushed and underplanned.but we got the maps and food out to people still.when the maps got out we sent people on their way to the gathering spot(the maps,sad to say where horrible directions,but they where from the resorts website)rides where looking scarce for the squatters,but rides came in from the bay and else where to help out.police had been circling all day supposedly looking for a black man accused of a robbery(how typical!)me,(insert action name),and (another action name)left last.going up to the gathering. stopping in shaver lake for some dew and gas,we noticed 3 fresno county sheriff's speeding by us.i somehow knew where the were going.getting up to the spot we saw a silver suv,with no tags and a obvious city dweller inside,clean cut nice leather jacket,with sunglasses on(at night!)we decided that he, of course,was a pig,federally speaking.friday was just getting up there and sleeping.

saturday moring there was a council to organize workshops and coummunity duties.there where workshops on security,earth first!,food not bombs,gender issues,i.w.w.,globalization,radical mental health,rnc/rtc,community gardening,and others im shamefully forgeting.some went to look at the awsome beauty of the site,lakes rivers mountains,everything we are fighting for.
saturday dinner,turned into a well cooked feast(cooked by the infamous food not bombs sunday chef)and shin dig. bottles of two buck chuck flowed,laughter smiles and new friendships formed over the campfire.action name said,pointing at the laughing smiling mass,"look,anarchy".
sunday was filled with hikes and workshops,at the end of the day we all sat to talk about whats next with our movement.discipline in street actions,effective direct action,community infrastructure,supporting underground activists and prisoners,OT being a annual/bi annual gathering,and a california wide action network.but there was i obvious division between the bay and the south.some from the south where saying that they drive hours and hours to actions that are not well organized by the host city anarchist community.they felt that out of town activists where not respected enough by the bay for their troubles to come up ,solidarity issues,and clique like security cult that alienates people from knowing whats exactly going on with actions that we are all involved in.
during the talk we where interupted by sheriffs looking for a missing american flag(who could have took that?).after that we broke down camp and most people left,contact info and hugs where the order of the evening.some stayed another night,me and action name stayed for a little while and drank wine with new friends discussing how we feel about the movement in cali,the issue of the bay and everyone else,street tactics,and my overt homoerotic behavior.
i believe that occupied territory was a sucess,there where things wrong,but a lot more was right.hope to see all at the next OT very soon!

1.iww delegates cars was towed from convergence spot.asked about going to ot,then replied fuck yeah,officer said no your not,then stop me,car was impounded by fpd for 4 days.
2.a group from england that helped with the g-8 protests in england came from uk to OT,when they where almost there,3 fresno county sheriffs told them they could not go any further.
3.a federal agent was at the top of the hill around midnight(when we passed him)
4.the day ending OT sheriffs circled the camp site
5.when organizers and participants of OT left they where greeted by 7-11+ fbi,us forest service,fresno county sheriffs who followed them to fresno.
6.comically obvious federal agents monitored a group swimming.
7.yesterday a friend and myself where followed by an unmarked white van while going to a collective meeting.
8.today a fpd was infront of my house for 10 or so minutes,when i walked outside,the officer looked up and left.(this could be paranoia)
9.oh yeah,a person who called himself derrick,said that he knew a very good mutual friend who said that he could vouche for him lied.the mutual friend didnt know him at all,actually he said he was from out of town and came in for the event,"derrick" knew the high school that my friend went to."derrick" showed up for the security culture workshop and left.

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