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Reportback - Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Conference

Saturday afternoon, June 19, 2004, a conference on media areform was held at Portland State University, sponsored by the Money in Politics Research Action Project.
This Conference was a prelude to a Future of the Media Town Hall to be held at the Oregon Conference Center, located at 777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. This event will be from 5-7 pm in Room 204.

The following is taken from an e-mail alert sent out by Julie S. Omelchuck, assistant director of the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, which oversees cable television operations in Multnomah County. "Two members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are coming to a Future of Media Town Hall in Portland on June 24, 5:30 until testimony ends. Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein are interested in hearing from communities and individuals about the connection between media and the local community. The Commissioners, and local panelists, will explore how the local media are serving the public interest, addressing local needs and roviding diverse voices. A central feature of the Town Hall will be the opportunity for people to testify or comment on these issues.

The information contained in these audio files [speakers - Janice Thompson, Bruce Fife, David Olson, Rick Seifert ] will be invaluable to anyone who plans to testify before the FCC at the Town Hall meeting next Thursday. But even for those who do not attend these files give an education in the need for media reform, both locally and nationally.

Thurs. June 24th-A Town Meeting w/ FCC commissioners on the Future of Media in Portland