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Howard Zinn Endorses Nader Convention

Professor Howard Zinn urges all voters to attend the Nader Convention this Saturday!
"Ralph Nader's campaign is a vital element in keeping alive the public debate about the Iraq War. Senator Kerry's reluctance to engage in this debate, and his support for the broad outlines of President Bush's disastrous war policies threatens to deprive the American people of the deep, thoughtful, and vigorous debate that should be the centerpiece of the presidential campaign."

"I urge voters of all states - regardless of whichever candidate you may decide to vote for on election day - to attend Nader conventions, sign petitions, and do all in your power to assure that Nader achieves ballot access."
- Professor Howard Zinn, Author of "A People's History of the United States"

The convention will be at Benson High School (in NE Portland, near Lloyd Center) from 5-7 pm THIS SATURDAY (June 26th).
Get to the Nader Convention, fight the Duopolist Corporate Loyalists 23.Jun.2004 10:34


Get to the Nader Convention! Let's shock the corporate duopolists by getting a huge showing for Ralph Nader. Let them know that we are fed up. Don't assume that your prescense is unnecessary, make every effort possible to attend. It could make all the difference. Too many Nader supporters or Supporters of ballot choice were absent last time. Don't let this happen Again. Be active.

Please spread the word to everyone you know, let them know about this convention, and get fellow Nader supporters/Ballot Choice supporters to COMMIT to attend. Nader's sucess getting on the Oregon ballot is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. Let's make Bush and Kerry address the fact that both support an illegitimate war and refuse to debate on important topics out of common (corporate) interests. Let Bush and Kerry know that we are FED UP with American imperialism and we refuse to be hoodwinked by "Anybody but Bush" and "Fear of Terrorism" platitudes. These are meant to make us cowards. If we bow in the face of fear, we ARE cowards (and then these corporatist war-mongers will be able to get away with just about ANYTHING because of our cowardice.)

Don't become cowards. Cowardice is terrible political strategy. The American Revolution is an ongoing revolution, don't let CORPORATE AND MULTINATIONAL LOYALISTS like Kerry and Bush go unchallenged and unquestioned. Get Ralph Nader on the Ballot! Go to the Nader Nominating Convention.

Saturday (THIS Saturday) June 26th 5-7 pm
Benson High Auditorium
546 NE 12th Ave Portland
1 block from the Llyod Center Max Stop

for more info or to VOLUNTEER call 503-224-2647 ext.112
Volunteers are much needed to SPREAD THE WORD and help with the Connvention.


An Article by Howard Zinn 23.Jun.2004 10:53


For more Zinn comments on the Duopolistic support of this reprehensible war and the URGENCY of showing our Dissent, PLEASE read the following article:

"It seems very hard for some people--especially those in high places, but also those striving for high places--to grasp a simple truth: The United States does not belong in Iraq. It is not our country. Our presence is causing death, suffering, destruction, and so large sections of the population are rising against us. Our military is then reacting with indiscriminate force, bombing and shooting and rounding up people simply on "suspicion."

...The suggestion that we simply withdraw from Iraq is met with laments: "We mustn't cut and run. . . . We must stay the course. . . . Our reputation will be ruined. . . ." That is exactly what we heard when, at the start of the Vietnam escalation, some of us called for immediate withdrawal. The result of staying the course was 58,000 Americans and several million Vietnamese dead."


If you trust Noam Chomsky (who backs Kerry) to make your decisions, think about it and please read the following article:

D:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\du ban day\AxisofLogic- Antiwar MovementChomsky.htm

Sorry about that 23.Jun.2004 12:17


Also, here is the Chomsky article that I recommended in the last post, sorry for the confusion: