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How weird is this?

Greenspan sworn into office in a private ceremony, in the private home of a former president, by the vice president.
Greenspan takes oath for 5th term

Fed chief sworn in for his last term by Vice President Cheney in a private ceremony in Colorado.
June 21, 2004: 10:51 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Alan Greenspan has been sworn in for his fifth and last term as Federal Reserve Chairman, the nation's central bank said Monday.

Vice President Dick Cheney administered the oath to Greenspan in a private ceremony Saturday at the Colorado home of former President Gerald Ford, the Fed said in a statement.

Witnesses included Betty Ford and Greenspan's wife, NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell.

Comment: He is holding public office. Why is there a private ceremony in a private home in Colorado? Is this strange? It sounds strange to me.
The Creature From Jekyll Island 22.Jun.2004 08:15



Killing the Banking Beast
Jane H. Ingraham
The New American
Vol 10, Number 18, September 5, 1994

Has it ever occurred to you that the federal government has no need of taxes for revenue? Are you aware that banks prefer lending to governments because governments seldom repay loans? Do you realize that if all debts, both public and private, were paid, there would be no money at all in circulation?
These are only a few of the startling facts that fill the pages of this illuminating expose of the Insider scam called The Federal Reserve System (Fed). Although author G. Edward Griffin admits to having wondered if another book on the Federal Reserve is necessary (his six pages of bibliography suggest that the subject may have previously attracted attention), it is unlikely that any book has ranged across 2,000 years of money and banking from Diocletian to the Rothschilds to Alan Greenspan and tied it into the new world order as thoroughly as The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Weird indeed... 22.Jun.2004 09:47

Tony Blair's dog

if he was really holding "public office".

That has never been the case though.

But, it is good that one more grand fraud
is getting exposed for what it really is.

Greenspan works for the owners of the 22.Jun.2004 12:59

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank was a creation of Paul Warburg and other European Oligarchs under secret meetings held off the coast of Georgia, at Jekyll Island. The meetings were very similar the the secret G-8 meeting that just took place off the same coast on a nearby Island to Jekyll. They thought, at the time, if they called it "Federal" and called it "Reserve" they could pull the wool over the eyes of Congress and get them to pass a bill written by the foreign bankers taking over the public Treasury of the United States .....so far so good.

Oh yeah, calling Alan Greenspan an employee of the American people aka United States Government is just as ridiculous.