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The Irish-American political activist Ken O'Keefe, who spent over a week on hunger strike in an Israeli jail, will go to court on Wednesday 23rd June to fight against deportation.
O'Keefe was arrested in Gaza on Thursday 10th June and has been kept in Suhar detention facility in the Negev desert. He wished to discuss the P10K plan to bring 10,000 western citizens to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in exchange for a Palestinian 'Hudna' with representatives of Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

A statement released by Israeli authorities notes that O'Keefe has accused Israel of using "terrorist methods", that "he made contact with Palestinian terror activists and foreign activists" and that "he did not recognize the Israeli law barring his entry into the territory of the Palestinian Authority."

O'Keefe said, "I reserve the right to speak with whoever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. Just because I meet with someone does not mean that I necessarily agree with everything they represent. I believe that P10K is the best chance for justice and peace in this conflict, yet Israel tries to stop it. Publicly Israel says it wants security, but its policies on the ground show that it continues to steal land and resources, and intensify its ongoing genocide against the Palestinians."



Ken can be reached on his mobile phone in jail - 00972 (0)555 13990 or e-mail ian (at) P10K.net

The court hearing is at Tel Aviv District Court, 11.30am, Wednesday 23rd June.

Please visit  http://www.P10K.net for further information.

homepage: homepage: http://www.p10k.net/
phone: phone: 00 972 (0)555 13990