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Total Liberation Tour 2004

:: Announcing the Total Liberation Tour 2004 ::
:: Announcing Total Liberation Tour 2004 ::
A nationwide series of benefit concerts and revolutionary conferences on state repression, political prisoners, and liberation struggles, coming to a city near you this July...


homepage: homepage: http://www.total-liberation.com

The organizer of this tour supports homophobes 22.Jun.2004 03:21

wild and free

Ditch the homophobes or expect resistance.

Dead Prez.. 22.Jun.2004 03:49


have been known to spout out some very stupid shit as well...sticking up white boy pizza delivers for one, also very found of talk bout their dicks. I like them to a degree, some nice beats, some good messages but they are statist and for them to be totally free?....well, smash the state!

woman 22.Jun.2004 09:46


Anti-woman and anti-queer community organizations wearing the cloak of the progressive community. Don't be fooled by these violent love their dicks little boys. Opression and violence against women and gays should not be tolerated! Let's stop the cycle of violence and boycott this event.

so... 22.Jun.2004 10:27


...I guess you dont want to have mind sex on the futon with croutons?

tp Knive... 22.Jun.2004 12:36


Don't tell me you've never ripped off a food vendor before...and as for Dead Prez:

Statist? They openly advocate presidential assassination, and call out the various state security services (FBI, CIA, police, etc) for what they are. They have a simple message and a wide audience, and they are smart enough to stick with what will be received by all.

It's unrealistic to expect even a politically aware *pop music* group to start talking about NAFTA, the WTO or anything else that Joe Blow on the street has never heard of...

SHEESH people, quit the infighting already!! Let's support those who support our causes, and Dead Prez for one has the guts to stick up for the common people against oppression. They've interviewed on KBOO, etc. and talked to a lot of callers about the messages they are trying to put out. I think they were pleasantly surprised to find a base of support among activists and politically aware folks in Cascadia, not just the usual hip-hoppers...

Go ahead and flame me for giving props to a major label recording artist now... I don't mind... just back up what you are saying with more supporting facts, ok? Right on.

deepeez 22.Jun.2004 14:26


off one of they albums is lyric to the effeect of " Lets put all the money into a socialist economy" sounds statist to me?

Dead Prez ain't the problem 22.Jun.2004 15:13


The problem is Naziri and the homophobic, anti-choice theocracy loving goons from Taliyah.

Statism and "socialist economy" 22.Jun.2004 19:51


Refreshing. An informed debate! Glad to see you've listened to their music...

Now it comes down to the state vs. no-state question. A toughie for sure. I'll expand the discourse a little bit by bringing the corporate/capitalist issue in.

How realistic do you think our chances of throwing off all states AND corporations are? Pictures of the future like Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, for example, posit an entirely corporate state of "franchise nations". We're seeing the beginning of that now, where corporations make the law and occupy territory without opposition. As destructive and unsustainable as the current situation is, I honestly believe that there would be more freedom for the average person under a loose conglomeration of capitalist organizations (not the worldwide colonial occupiers that control this state), rather than a centralized republic, with all the accompanying jingoism, forced cooperation, and conflict that a republic seems to entail.

The majority of people are not yet ready to live without a state, and will gladly submit to any overarching entity which promises to protect them. That being said, the state only gets by on that angle because they ensure a continued "threat" to their citizens. In reality, we could all be free to live as we wish, and profit by our lives as we wish. I think we both agree on that point.

Would a truly cooperative state, formed and developed in line with the wishes of its citizens, and benign in that it did not force anyone to participate in its scheme, be harmful?

RBG 22.Jun.2004 23:24


the line from the song "police state" that you're thinking of is 'organize the wealth into a socialist economy" and that does not imply state, near as I can tell.
wealth, not money.
now granted, I prefer a gift economy, but whatever, I'm not nitpicking. the rest of that song is about being anti-capitalist, anti-police and anti-patriarchy. now, I'm not sure they really have the anti-patriarchy down or not.

and sticking up a white pizza boy? shit, you expect people to not prefer robbing white folk to black folk?

re; zero_sum 23.Jun.2004 10:18


...a 'capitalist' without a state is just a bandit, so at least we can shoot back.

bandits 23.Jun.2004 15:41


Very true. Capitalists who move from profiting through honest production (local farmers, for example) to profiting through banditry (Halliburton, Shell, Oregon State Patrol, etc.) should never be tolerated or appeased.

State or no state.

homophobia? 23.Jun.2004 21:52


I am ignorant to who is organizing this.. can someone expand on how this is organized by homophobic patriarchs?

UPDATE 24.Jun.2004 16:09


Naziri has been taken off the tour.

who cares 30.Jun.2004 22:47


about dead prez, MAROON and PURIFICATION will be here!!!! y'all stupid white armchair whatevers can boycott all you want, i'll be dancin' on the ashes of your house and vw bug when alls said and done!!!!

Calling All Anti-Homophobes!, Protest MTV 14.Jul.2004 11:14

Naziri Naziri@taliyah.org

Calling All Anti-Homophobes!, Protest MTV

Yes, i know you may have heard that MTV is making the first all gay network... But that's beside the point really. They have Xzibit hosting "Pimp My Ride!" They even featured him on Cribs!

Xzibit has notoriously anti-homosexual lyrics such as:

"Bitching so much
you should tuck your nuts
and dick between your thighs
and color your eyes
and wax your legs
and buy some bras and thongs
and go crazy in the night club for Sisco song."

As well he says the word "fag" repeatedly.

How could MTV dare allow him to host a show? Yeah i know, he never even is talking about such issues in the shows he's on. But still, we are the PC thought police right? We have to take a stand and make sure that nobody who thinks things we disagree with be allowed to do anything.

Oh, unless they're black of course. Perhaps that's why rap groups had been saying "Fag" for years and no homosexual advocacy groups protested them UNTIL Eminem came along. THEN everyone was lining up to say how he needed to cut it out, become more enlightened and give Elton John a hug.

Still black hip hop artists continue to talk the same way without ANY voice of disapproval being raised by the PC elitists.

i wonder why that would be? After all, aren't these the same predominantly white middle class lot who claim to be so anti-racist?

Whatever the reason is for the contradiction, it doesn't stop there. Back when Hardline came to the hardcore scene it held the exact same beliefs regarding opposition to homosexuality and abortion as did groups like MOVE and Rastafarians. But did MOVE or Rastafarians gain the disapproval of the PC, white elite? Of course not. Black people weren't expected by them to be "enlightened," they were not held to the same standards as was the multi-ethnic (but non-black) founder of Hardline.

Now, white elitist PC kids want to cry that there is someone speaking at the Total Liberation Fest who doesn't agree with homosexuality (besides Ramona Africa). It isn't that such a person (me, that is) advocates violence against homosexuals, nor any sort of action whatsoever. Rather, his (my), religious beliefs - like the religious beliefs of almost the entire world - are opposed to it. As well, this is based on 8,000 years of Chinese Medical tradition, and Yin and Yang theories of coupling.

It isn't a "God hates fags" philosophy, it is an ancient way of life that seeks to harmonize the Yin with the Yang. Men are Yang, women are Yin. There is simply no harmony in two Yangs nor in two Yins. Thus, we oppose such unbalanced coupling (as does most of the world).

But i'm not black, i'm a mix of a number of backgrounds, Jewish, Cherokee, Melungeon, German... All of these can be held to scrutiny in the eyes of the PC white elitists (the same who called the Democratic Party "The White Man's Party" in the 19th Century).

Perhaps if we had African members of our group speaking, even my wife, then we would be off the hook for believing differently than you; just like Tupac, just like Xzibit, and most of hip hop, along with MOVE and Rastafarians...

For the rest of this text read:  http://www.taliyah.org/articles/homo.shtml