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Micro$oft bullies brazil

Micro$oft, in yet another stupid move, is bringing criminal charges against a Brazilian government official advocating for the deployment of free software in brazil.
There is a petition in support of Sergio Amadeu, the Brazilian government official in charge of deployment of Free Software, who is currently enduring criminal proceedings brought forth by Microsoft

All those who *truly* believe in serious projects of social inclusion, to governments, especially in Brazil, that should not tolerate a North American company that is trying to deter righteous projects of social and technological uplifting of a developing nation.

Disagreeing with the policies of the Brazilian government in defense of free software which is bringing to an end the *market reserve* of Microsoft for the purchase of software and government computers the company is launching an offensive to try to intimidate the Brazilian government.

In the middle of the week of the largest free software event in Latin America and one of the most important in the world, the president of Microsoft Brazil, Emilio Umeoka, has begun the attempt at intimidation declaring that the decision of the Brazilian government to support free software on computers in the public sector is being "influenced by ideology".

the full text of the petition and how to show your support can be found at:


i'd much prefer being influenced by an ideology of freedom than threatened into proprietary corporate softwaer, personally...