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FREE MIKE D! Save the Oak Grove Watershed!

Thirteen days of unjust incarceration has not dampened the spirits of Michael McMullin, better known to the activist community as Mike D, who maintains that he's "doing fine" despite his stark surroundings. He is currently held in Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City for an alleged Class B Misdemeanor charge related to disorderly conduct at the Solo Timber Sale Protest, July 30, 2002, with a maximum fine of $1000 and six months in jail (Case # - CR0311198) For more on that protest and an audio file of the days speeches at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/02/44015.shtml

Happy to Harass
The arrest and incarceration occurred when Mike D attended an (unrelated?) court hearing the morning of Wednesday June 9. Despite the fact that eight other arrest warrants from this old growth direct action have long ago been dropped; Mike D is being singled out from the Solo Sale Protest. Miscommunication surrounds the decision to lock up Mike D. Judge Thorn claims Mike failed to keep in touch with his court appointed attorney, Leonard Kovac. However, Mike countered that even though Kovac was trying to get fired from his case, he had attempted to call the attorney. In a hastily scheduled hearing last week, Kovac did successfully seek dismissal from the case claiming his relationship with the defendant had "broken down." It was soon revealed, however, that Kovac was not experienced with the constitutional motions Mike D intends to use to make his case and Kovac was simply unqualified. A new court appointed attorney will be selected and a new hearing date has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 27th at 9 am in Oregon City's Courthouse. Mike D will attempt to free himself with a request for a release hearing and "reduction of bail" request.
Mike D leaflets against OHSU's outdated animal research
Mike D leaflets against OHSU's outdated animal research
A tree slated for cutting in the Oak Grove Watershed
A tree slated for cutting in the Oak Grove Watershed
The Dreaded Lockdown
Mike D was also kept in "the hole" or solitary confinement for the first week of jail time for reasons yet to be well understood. One of his jailers told him they were worried that he was hiding weapons in his dreadlocks and they would have to keep him in solitary for 72 hours so that they could run a metal detecting wand over his head. No explanation was given why that couldn't be done right away or why he was held, alone in a cell, for the next seven days with only one hour out of his cell out of every 24 without as much as a book or magazine to read. (The main jail population enjoys social time almost all day long).

Cops Love to Cuff Mike D
Well known for his peaceful diplomacy and unfaltering contribution to sanity on Portland's corner of planet earth, Mike D has dedicated his life to "rights" causes of all kinds including homeless advocacy, environmental protection, and animal activism. For some bizarre reason, his style of peaceful, legal, free speech advocacy has attracted an unusual amount of unwanted attention by area police who all seem to want to be first in line to arrest him at every turn.

Your Badge Number, Please?
With a multitude of civil disobedience and just-plain-bogus arrests under his belt, Mike D has become an avid cop watcher and is using his time in jail to catch up on a favored hobby. So far he has been able to observe cops and other captors display all too common behaviors of disregarding his basic rights. First, he was denied the possibility to "matrix out" which is when low level offenders are let out to make room in the crowded jail system for more serious criminals. He was also denied to be let out on his own recognizance which is also very common for people like Mike D with no flight risk and a track record of showing up for legal hearings. Finally, they set the bail at $50,000, making it prohibitively expensive for him to post and get out. (Please note Mike D is not interested in having anyone post bail for him but welcomes folks to contact the Clackamas County Commissioners and the County Sheriff in protest)

FREE Mike D!
Mike asks to have supporters contact both Sheriff Pat Detloff and the County Commissioners and ask why he has not been released on his own recognizance and why the county is wasting resources to keep peaceful activists with minor charges in custody. Also, if anyone has the time to organize jail support for Mike D, please step up to the plate and contact Matt at 503-890-5151. Currently he can have 8 people on his visitors list, and to date, has not had any visitors.

Contact info for the Clackamas County Commissioners can be found at  http://www.co.clackamas.or.us/bcc/

And you can contact Pat Detloff, the County Sheriff at:
(503) 655-8218.
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
2223 S. Kaen Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
The primary FAX number for the Sheriff's Office is (503) 655-8549

Not just Mike D...
Free the Trees!
Mike D's focus is not only on his personal freedom but on the precarious plan for the 157 acre Solo Timber Sale and other stands of old growth trees in the 3,000 acre Oak Grove Watershed. Located near Timothy Lake and the Shellrock Campground, the watershed is currently a mix of native ancient forest, plantations, and clear-cuts. The Forest Service hopes to remove the remaining native ancient forest in much of the Oak Grove Watershed to turn the area into an "aggregate plantation of uniform age trees" or tree farm. To accomplish this goal the Forest Service has planned numerous timber sales in the area targeting mature and old growth native forest for clear-cutting.

To find out more about this issue and the fragile ecosystem that would be destroyed, visit:

Cascadia Forest Alliance

Solo Timber Sale Back on the Chopping Block!!!


Oregon Natural Resource Council

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org/

Good cause Mike D. 21.Jun.2004 14:23

If you want to stay out of jail,

let the cops beat you up without resisting. Make sure you record it with an ORG(s) though. And make sure city officials know who you are (but in your case, that's not a problem). Cops will still like to arrest you, but you'll be matrixed within 12 hours everytime you get arrested. At your court date, the assistant DA won't touch you with a ten foot pole. They won't want you to have a lawyer. Case dismissed, everytime.

I'm tired about hearing Mike D. getting arrested for being Mike D. Lessons are not learned by the justice system.



CFA no more... 22.Jun.2004 09:34


CFA is no longer an active organization. Unfortuantly, there is no current group focused on direct action in Mt. Hood. For more information on regional direct action organizing efforts to protect forests check out cascadiarising.org.