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IWW Labor Forum Tonight: "American Dream"

Don't miss "American Dream" the famous movie depicting the struggle of
Austin, Minnesota Local P-9 in their mid-80's fight against concessions,
Hormel meat packing giant, Reaganism, and their own international union,
the UFCW.
June 19
at the IWW Hall
616 E. Burnside

"American Dream" is raw and moving. "I came out of the movie so pissed," said one fellow worker. Enormous support from all over the continent! National Guard violence! Court injunctions! Brawls with the cops! Bungled
strategies! Union traitors! and Scabs Galore!

We'll also discuss the Southern California grocery strikes that occurred recently and the tensions that surfaced between the rank and file and the UFCW. Is there a pattern in the actions of the UFCW bureaucracy? Is it
bad luck, ineffectiveness, betrayal, or worse? Come give your opinion.

This showing is part of the IWW's forum series held every Saturday night at our Hall, 616 E. Burnside.

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phone: phone: 503-231-5488
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