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US Out : United Nations IN ! :::: Bagdad Theatre Saturdays AGAINST Bush Regime

We are making a set of signs, one side of each to be the same on each sign. These are the draft proposals.
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Get out of Iraq! 21.Jun.2004 16:51

just another peon

UN sanctions killed one and a half million people in Iraq.
The UN is run by the big five countries (Britain, USA, Russia, China and France). All of them have stuck their oar into other countries, killing raping and exploiting all the way.
Do you really think the people of Iraq cant decide for themselves?
Should another country have invaded the US during the civil war, or when the European settlers committed genocide on the native inhabitants here, to sort things out?
A UN intervention will just be a front for US imperialism.
Get the hell out of Iraq and let the people of Iraq decide THEIR own future!