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48 Hour Film Project is Coming to Portland!

Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you looking for alternative ways of creating and sharing your movies w/ other like minded freaks? Then join fellow filmmakers in this unique caffeine fueled festival/competition that gives indy filmmakers a chance to really see what they're made of...and make a movie and have a good time in the process. Check it out
The 48 Hour Film Project is coming to Portland this summer! That's right, the unique festival/competition that epitomizes the down and dirty world of indy filmmaking is coming to the unique city that epitomizes the down and dirty world of independent filmmaking, our own Stumptown.

If you don't know, the 48 Hour Film Project is the hottest filmmaking experience in the country, combining film and video production with a festival-like setting. 2003 winners screened at the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival. The Portland winner also gets an AVID DV express editing package!

This is how it works... Filmmaking teams have only 48 hours to produce a short movie—from scratch—writing, shooting and editing as the minutes tick away.

To make things interesting, just prior to the start of the competition each team selects the genre of its film in a random drawing. In addition a character, prop, and line of dialogue are drawn and must appear in each film in that city. The results have been TRULY AMAZING!

All entries will be screened at the Hollywood Theater and the kick-oof and drop-off events will be held at The Know (register by Aug 6)

To register and find out more information check out the attached attachment and go to www.48hourfilm.com

The 48 Hour Film Project is tons o' fun, and gives filmmakers a chance to put up or shut up.

homepage: homepage: http://48hourfilm.com