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Do You Feel Sorry For Murdered Contractors in Iraq?

They chose to go there and are - most probably - motivated by money.
They can quit and leave at any time - nobody is going to extend their "tour of duty", brand them AWOL or court martial them. They presumably knew that this was high risk work and are compensated generously for that very reason.

Other than simple regret that any human being should be murdered for any reason, I resent the administration's suggestion that we should we feel indignation or rage about the murder of mercenaries on the payroll of the CIA, Halliburton, or anyone else there to make big money in Iraq.

I feel great sadness for any soldiers sent into this misadventure who pay with their lives or their limbs, and for their families. But I do not feel one bit of sympathy for "contractors".
Not much 18.Jun.2004 22:20

Alligator sobs

If they are mercenary soldiers, spies or security forces, then no, I have very little pity for them. In the cases of civilian contractors doing truly civilian jobs, the regrettable thing is that they are in Iraq in the first place, being paid big salaries for doing jobs which Iraqis did in the past and would gladly do again. It was apparent from the moment Bechtel and Halliburton received all of the big contracts that the plan was to turn Iraq into another Gulf State where foreign workers, controlled by America's corporate state, do all the important work while the native Arabs remain backward, and powerless to determine their future.Past leaders of Iraq certainly had their faults, but at least they created a populace that will not allow Americans, Europeans, Pakistanis, Indians and Philippinos to take the necessary work of Iraq out of Iraqi hands.

i don't think you're fully in understanding of the situation. 18.Jun.2004 22:55


I'll preface this with saying that I am a militant anarchist who has no qualms about violence against forces of oppression.

a lot of these 'civilians' in iraq are security forces, who might as well be cops or troops, I suppose, but not everyone who works for lockheed martin in Iraq is a defense contract worker. And they aren't the highest paid people.

My father was one. He is an independant contractor who sometimes does work for one of the major defense contractors who has a contract in Iraq. If/when he was in Iraq, he was there soley as a trainer in communications equipment. He would be teaching the Iraqies to use infrastructure equipment to rebuild Iraq, for themselves. He's not a fucking capitalist, he's not driven by money, he isn't interested in supporting american imperialism, he's just a fucking working guy doing his job to support his family, who has qualms about some of the work that his bosses do. He hates bush, he isn't for the war or the occupation or anything.

This 19.Jun.2004 00:02

Catalina Eddie

from the news service my ISP provides:

"In answer to what we promised ... to kill the hostage Paul Marshall (Johnson) after the period is over ... the infidel got his fair treatment," the al-Qaida statement said.

"Let him taste something of what Muslims have long tasted from Apache helicopter fire and missiles," the statement said.

Johnson, 49, worked on Apache attack helicopter systems for Lockheed Martin. His captors had threatened to kill him by Friday if the kingdom did not release its al-Qaida prisoners. The Saudi government rejected the demands.

Copyright 2004 Associated Press.

Now it seems to me that Paul Johnson qualifies as an "enemy combatant" far more so than most of the Iraqis who died while in our grasp. We beat our prisoners to death. They decapitate theirs. Which is kinder? Our rulers deemed we need not follow international law. Why should al Quaida feel bound by it?

But didn't the Boy Emperor talk tough today? Mm-mm!


Who's there to make big money? 19.Jun.2004 00:07


Only the companies make big money. The contractors are making more money than they would as soldiers doing the same, but it's not that big. They're making more money than they would unemployed in the US and that's the main point. Some of them are ex-soldiers who can't find a job back home, so end up going back and doing what they've always been doing. Why do you pity the soldiers more than them?

I would suggest pitying any poor soul who dies in a hideous manner, unless you know yourself that the particular individual has done bad, bad things.

There are awful people on both sides, but for the most part both sides are comprised of just plain folks trying to get by in situation created by awful people at the top.

Why must anyone debate about being smug about the death of another? Why is this even an issue. All of these deaths are awful.

of course 19.Jun.2004 06:11

I feel sorry

What a stupid question.
But, for a minute, I'll give it a serious response.
First: Psychologically, all of us are traumatized when "forced" to witness this kind of gruesome killing. When the newsmedia replay it over and over- we all lose something precious- it's as though we've been a witness to repeated and ugly domestic violence or other terrible events.
Second: As defense contractors continue to get bigger and bigger, more and more people (logically) will end up working for them.
Have you never had a job where your bosses were creeps or doing something you didn't really agree with? If so, lucky for you.
As others have said here, many of these workers are probably doing certain work because that's what they know how to do and they have families to care for. When is the left ever going to be sympathetic to the working classes?
I would bet that the men being killed aren't the ones at the top who are making the decisions and profitting from their fat government contracts. And they are not the shareholders, safely out of harm's way in Bermuda living off their pensions.
Why can't we see this for what it is, a human tragedy, no matter who is killed. I just hope that it's giving nightmares to some Lockheed Martin or Halliburton executives, maybe it will flush out a couple of helpful whistleblowers who finally break with company loyalty.
Capitalism is the true evil. We need all the allies we can get.

no sympathy 19.Jun.2004 11:27

you reap what you sow

The previous poster wrote:
"As others have said here, many of these workers are probably doing certain work because that's what they know how to do and they have families to care for. When is the left ever going to be sympathetic to the working classes?"

Throughout the 20th century, the ratio of civilians to combatants killed in wars has dramatically increased. The weapons systems that these particular "working classes" are designing, building and maintaining are FAR more likely to kill an innocent man, woman or child.

These "working classes" aren't dumb and they're not that desperate - they're fully aware the result of their efforts and many of them take pride in their work. That makes them complicit in murder. If that's the game that they CHOOSE to play, then they deserve what they get.

Divide and Conquer 19.Jun.2004 11:28


The U$ occupation and administration in Iraq is a present day version of a phenomena that has evolved for centuries in the service of larger imperial strategic interests, or simply the taking of land and resources.

The 18th and 19th century U$ cavalry (official hand of the imperialist regime) came to the rescue when the lawless, semi-lawless and "officially" sanctioned white settlers received the brunt of hostility from the indiginous occupants, when those white settlers refused to interface on an egalitarian, sustainable basis--when they just took for ownership, greedily, rapaciously and disasterously with respect to the interests of living in harmony with the lands they entered and the indiginous people they approached. They became the front--the excuse--for advancing the frontier and erecting the ediface of propety and capitalism.

Similarly, the Likud/Zionist fanatics, currently led by the beast Sharon, maintain the decades old program of exploiting and sacrificing Israeli citizens, soldiers and "settlers", when they provoke attacks by despairing Palestinian people, whose lands the Zionists seek to eventually usurp and whose culture and history they seek to erase. Every martyr attack serves to justify the insidious, incremental Zionist program of assaults, where the strategic goal is to seize all of the land of Palestine, for "defensive" puposes.

We see this played out yet again, in the U$ gruesome, bloody wild west charade in Iraq, whereby the Neocon and fundamentalist Christian nuts and sociopaths, most prominantly among others, say this must be done in the name of "freedom."

These are examples of the age old exploitation of workers, peasants, "lesser" classes in the "defense" of the privilege and power of royalty, aristocracy, wealth accumulation by smaller classes of capitalist elites, technocrats, political stooges and their wannabe sycophants--that somehow, the welfare of the imperialist, wealth-accumulating and property obsessed classes is intertwined with the interests of the workers.

The innocents ("just trying to do their jobs") are thrust into the front lines, under economic, statutorial, moral, patriotic--and a more novel relic from the crypt of rallying causes--"Christian" imperatives. The conscripted and contracted alike are perpetuated as indentured servants. The "Catch-22" emerges, whereby their casualties become obligations to continue redouble the imperialist assaults, grinding up both the indigenous and the white settlers--the latter day contractors and conscripted. In the end land and resources are usurped for profit.

The moral and just person is conflicted when confronted with the attrocities leveled on fellow workers--friends and relatives-- who are, in some fashion or another, in economically indentured service to the greed and corruption of the aristocracy of wealth and property fanaticism. Those elites have cultivated, perfected and exploited those conflicts for generations, effectively saying, "There is no other choice."

system 19.Jun.2004 13:09


what about 'mental health' system that blows out peoples brains and bodies with torture drugs! wheres the sympathy for abused 'americans' in this so called country??

Sorry but... 19.Jun.2004 20:21

Your average joe

I don't give a fuck about any dead contractor. You make choices in life and if you make the wrong choice you pay the consequences.

These contractors are high paid yuppies. Why should I give a fuck about some yuppie? The fucker doesn't give a fuck about the poor.. Screw 'em.

Naive People 19.Jun.2004 20:33


Tonight on the news, NBC visited the NJ hometown of the latest beheading victim. One of the little old ladies interviewed was wailing about, "After all we've done for those people, this is how they repay us!"

The guy was working for Lockheed Martin on weapons systems. He didn't go there to redecorate the local library. I'd say, given what he was doing, he was a walking target.

It's like asking why a dog could bite you if you'd been beating it for the past several months.

Please.......... 19.Jun.2004 21:16

remove your head from your ass.

It appears someones head is full of farts. That guy went over there to work on freak'n attack helicopters. His hard work keeping the american war machine moving, earned him exactly what he deserved. Our armed forces kill people because they are ordered to and have no choice in the matter, this guy was doing it for money, so fuck him.

contractors dying in Iraq 25.Sep.2004 18:06

Crand25050 crand25050@netscape.com

I just finished reading these replies about men dying in Iraq, contractors specifically. The people who have answered the forum are exactly why this world deserves what it is going to get. Its bad enough for these calloused creeps to pronounce that anyone deserves death. But some are advocates for it. I hope that what ever terror exists in the next few years, due to the return of Christ, I hope it visits everyone of these on this forum. God is the one who determines who is worth living, not these shallow evil less than human type who posted these messages. I hope some of their relatives recieve the same treatment they dismiss for the rest of there fellow humans. Islam is evil.