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Fahrenheit 9/11 Tickets . . . When Will They Be Available?

When will tickets be available for prepurchase?
Does anyone know how far ahead of time Fandango will presell movie tickets? I checked with their 1-800 number again today to see about purchasing tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11 and once again got the recording telling me to wait until closer to the airing date of June 25th. It's only a week away!

My feeling is that anyone who waits until the day of the show to buy tickets isn't going to get any. These puppies will be going fast, so knowing when they are available is critical.

Anyone had experience in trying to buy tickets from Fandango in advance? There doesn't seem to be any way to actually talk to a person at Regal or Fandango to find out.
well... 18.Jun.2004 22:38


I've never seen Fandango not have tickets for sale a week in advance, and it's often earlier than that. I've no idea why they haven't yet begun selling these.

Calm 18.Jun.2004 23:05


grasshopper, there will be plenty of opportunities to view this film.

stupid ticket presales 18.Jun.2004 23:23

are a damn bougie affectation.

in my day you had to wait for movies and it didn't matter if you could get online access anymore, and you had to be a geek and wait in line for a few days outside the theatre.

now whoever has a fucking credit card gets to see movies first. i'm bitter.

here it is 19.Jun.2004 03:29

theresa mitchell

according to michaelmoore.com, the movie will be at fox tower 10, and at lloyd center 8 (the one in the mall).
Fandango doesn't seem to be listing advance sales....odd, isn't it?

....odd, isn't it? 19.Jun.2004 03:42


Fandango doesn't have any schedules for any theaters next Friday. Clearly, they are attempting to censor Michael Moore by cleverly not selling any tickets for any movies that weekend.

Wednesday, June 23rd 19.Jun.2004 06:57


I was told at the box office of Regal Fox Tower 10 that advance tickets will be available on Wednesday, June 23rd.

So buy your tickets at the box offices rather than give Fandango your business.

Theaters for Fahrenheit 9/11 on 6/25 19.Jun.2004 10:05



Advance Tickets FAQ

When will advance tickets be on sale at my theatre?
Once your theatre programs their box office to sell advance tickets they will be available online. If they are not on sale yet, please check back soon.

Are these all the theatres that will be playing FAHRENHEIT 9/11?
No, new theatres and cities are being added all the time. If you do not see your theatre or city listed please check back or contact your local theatre.

Will show times be listed with theaters?
You can find out show times by contacting your local theatre, looking in your local paper or by visiting Fandango, Movietickets or Moviefone.


Ack! 19.Jun.2004 11:41

P. Green

I think I'll wait until F911 is showing at a somewhat less corporate theater - like the Laurelhurst or Hollywood or the 21. I know, it may take a while - but I'm a "choir member" - and I'd rather trade with local owners, folks who live next to me, etc.

But I'm glad the corporates are showing this.

Fahrenheit 9-11 P2P Download 19.Jun.2004 12:47


When will it be available?

sheesh, why would you want to watch this movie on a 15-inch screen? 19.Jun.2004 17:30

too much time

It will be available, as soon as someone takes a digital videocamera into a theater showing, and posts the recording. Same as any other movie.

Hehe, it's probably already available in China.

Only A Matter Of Time 19.Jun.2004 17:44

Curious George

. . . or on the streets of NYC. A friend bought a bootlegged copy of Titanic in Times Square a day before it opened in theaters.

Generally, I don't like to see bootlegged stuff out there, in respect for the artists. But I think Moore and the Weinsteins will make enough off of legitimate ticket sales that bootlegged copies will only serve to spread the word which is not a bad thing at all.

Make enough? 19.Jun.2004 21:20

Teddy Ruxpin (the lousy typist)

No way man, middle america is not going to go see this "horrible pack of lies about that nice sweet man, George." Moore and Mirimax may break even, and then make a hair of a profit on later video sales and whatnot, but with the extreme effort against this film Moore could be in financial hot water.

Get the bootleg for home use, but shell out a few bucks and go see it in a theater too. I am not much of a profiteer, but Moore is the type that would use the cash for good use (such as making more films like these).

Available for Eastport 16 20.Jun.2004 13:09

Crucified Ego

Fandango Apparently Not Worried About Preselling Tickets 21.Jun.2004 11:26

Temperature Rising

And it's certainly not promoting the movie AT ALL.

Monday, June 21st . . .

Although they seem to be flogging the sale of Spiderman 2 tickets on their telephone sales line . . . mentioning that tickets for that movie will be available on June 27th, Fandango's 1-800 number still has no other information on ticket sales for Fahrenheit 9/11 than, "check back closer to opening date." Well, the opening date is four days away.

I'm with whoever suggested going directly to the box office. Fandango's website freezes up on me when I try to access info about F911 and the recorded tickets sales by phone seem to be worthless for information or orders.

Only One Portland Theatre On the Ball? 21.Jun.2004 18:14


Good spot, Crucified Ego. I checked and the Eastport theatre seems to be the only one in Portland now listing times for the showing of Fahrenheit 9/11. Why are the others waiting so long to presell tickets or post times?


Would you Want to offend the conservatives more? 22.Jun.2004 17:52

Laughing my a@# off

When you really think about it, the conservative base is full of money. The hoop-la about this movie would be enough to pack theatres for weeks. If anybody showed too much support for it, I am sure the very conservative FCC could and would exact a high price.

Fahrenheit sets a box office record! 28.Jun.2004 11:06

A concerned American

Well some said it wouldn't make money! YOU WERE WRONG!!!!

This movie without any need for trick editing or showing things out context brings to the american public the truth. You can witness, on film, an incredible amount jaw dropping stupidity from George W. Bush and many others on capitol hill! It's Shows the sad, stupid, lazy, ignorant and blatantly arrogant minds that are at work "serving the people" of this country.

Yes, Moore's sense of humor at times may slighlty detract from what he is saying or bringing to light. However, in a way it only encourages more people to see his films. Long Live Michael Moore!!

Once you see this film you will understand why we should have more than two parties in this country. The two we have are corrupt. At the very least hopefully people will see that George Bush should be impeached and "outsourced" back to Texas. He should go back to running a baseball team.

A Concerned American

I got tickets From fandango 28.Jun.2004 12:16

Fandango fan

I got tickets the day it cam out online i did not have to wait but i paid a dollar more to print online from home..... well everyone watied in line to get tickets i just walked on in......