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Tre's hearing just wrapped up (Friday at 3pm) and the adjudicator has
reserved her decision.
A final hearing has been set for Wednesday June 30 at which time a decision should be announced. There is a chance the decision could be announced between now and the June 30 hearing however that scenario is unlikely.

Please hold him in the light of your thoughts and prayers, and please send contributions for his defense to:
Tre Arrow Canadian Legal Defense Fund
362 Sylvia St.
Victoria, BC
V8V 1C6

You can write letters to him, c/o his lawyer:

Rudolf J. Kischer
Embarkation Law Group
Box 26, 609 West Hastings Street
6th Floor, Princess Building
Vancouver BC,
V6B 4W4
good luck tre 18.Jun.2004 15:59


i wish i could be as optimistic as you seem to be. however i hold little hope that the judge will allow you to apply for refugee status. i havent prayed for many a year, but i will be for you between now and June 30th. bet you wish you had those bolt cutters now...

Sorry Tre 18.Jun.2004 18:45


More to the point - bet you wish you had PAID for those bolt cutters, now. Leaders need to be smart to avoid capture.

- 02.Jul.2004 15:17


a-freakin-men neon.