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Mike D is in Jail

anyone know anything more.
if i talk to him i'll tell you what he has to say, court is on Tuesday the 22nd or June, in Oregon City. Don't know the time.

thanks speedy 17.Jun.2004 20:00

here's more

We KNOW Already 18.Jun.2004 15:29

No New Info

Yes we heard Mike D is in Jail.....boohoo....no big news to me, he is always in jail. Ok, so if there is something exciting and new post it, but stop wasting time and space. If you know something has happened look back on Indy to see if anything was posted about it. Mike D probably wants everyone to be focusing on the forests or animals NOT HIM!!!!! So put your time and energy for a good cause.

yeah! 18.Jun.2004 16:02


and we still dont even know why the hell he was arrested - flight risk? what? if you show up for a hearing they can legally ARREST you? why? cause you're Mike D? wtf? if that is the case we should all show up there... wtf was he arrested?