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DPRK Announces New Developments In Pine Needle Cusine!

The Glorious Country of Juche, Home of Kim Jong-Il, announces new exciting triumphs on the culinary front! Order today!
Efficacious Pine Needle Foodstuff

Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- Pine needle has been used as material of health foodstuffs from ancient times in Korea. According to "Hyangyakjipsongbang" (a medical encyclopedia) published in the 15th century in Korea, pine needle prevents aging, invigorates spirits and turns grey hair to black.
The Korean people have used pine needles in steaming rice-cake and curing various diseases.
The Natural Health Foodstuff Company under the Ministry of Forestry developed a pine needle tea last year through deep study of medical classics and ecological experiments. It also succeeded in making pine needle liquor which preserves its natural medicinal ingredients.
The liquor contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B12, PP, A and E, and some 40 kinds of microelements including calcium and selenium, nucleic acid, essential amino acid and sexual hormone preparations.
It is efficacious for the prevention and treatment of cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, chronic colitis, rheumatic inflammation, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis. It also prevents aging and promotes health.
Kim Chang Gil, director of the company, told KCNA that the liquor is popular among people as it makes people feel well, promotes digestion by eliminating toxic elements from liver and increasing the liver function and removes swelling. It is also a good diuretic.
The company (Tel: 00850-2-18111-381-8051.Fax: 00850-2-381-4416) has steadily made researches to make other kinds of pine needle foodstuffs.
And???? 18.Jun.2004 22:09

Cmrd Anon

Hopefully it works wonders against social impotence...

Reply to the Poster 19.Jun.2004 17:52


From John Paul Cupp

It would be interesting if the individidual(s), going under the alias, "happy licking the boots of the dear leader,provided actual polemical arguments and not "humor" or slogans, which appeal to emotion, void of reason.