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Wanna go to Harvard?

Not that I think Harvard is all that, or anything. But I thought I would just pass this on in case anyone is interested....
I received the following message. While I believe that we can educate ourselves and each other for free anyway, I also know that a lot of people would love the chance to go to college. (I went. It taught me that, while education is a great gift, college isn't necessary to get it. The best way to learn there are no Experts is by becoming one.) But anyway, here's the message:

Harvard announces free tuition for families making less than $40,000

Please get this information into the hands of teachers, counselors, family
advocates and others who come in contact with bright, and talented students
from low and moderate income families.

If you know of a family earning less than $40,000 a year with an honor student
graduating from high school soon, Harvard University wants to pay the tuition.
The prestigious university recently announced that from now on undergraduate
students from low-income families can go to Harvard for free...no tuition and
no student loans!

To find out more about Harvard offering free tuition for families making less
than $40,000 a year visit Harvard's financial aid web site at:
 http://adm-is.fas.harvard.edu/FAO/index.htm (the announcement is on the
front page) or call the school's financial aid office at (617) 495- 1581.

Michelle Schmidt, MSW
RISE-Transitional Living Program
Lead Counselor, Case Manager
The Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon
018 SW Boundary Court
Portland, Oregon 97239
off: 503.542.2362
fax: 503.224.5960
1.877.932.2734 ext. 2362
Harvard is now overtly run by corporations 17.Jun.2004 09:53

overt is operative word

That's why they are offering free tuition. Larry Summers(President of Harvard) is a corporate shill, a big buddy of the Clinton and Bush administrations, and a major supporter of the Israeli apartheid policy.

If you want to be a cog in the earth-killing machine, go to Harvard!

oh yeah? 17.Jun.2004 10:23

starry eyed

That was w-a-a-ay funny shit...free tuition at Harvard!....probably have to be fucking einstein....what an insult.

is it wise? 17.Jun.2004 11:15


Don't turn away from this 'just because'...you might really want to give it some thought. Radical Element said he or she went to college, and obviously learned to think for himself/herself. Just because the college might have 'designs' upon you does not mean that you have to follow its path. Get a good education, learn how to move through the maze on many levels and continue to live the life YOU feel is useful. Education is NOT the enemy.

indeed, "education" is not the enemy 17.Jun.2004 12:00

done that

However, students are shaped by the ideologies of the institutions they are educated at. At Harvard, for instance, professors are being harrased and in some cases denied tenure if their beliefs and teachings conflict with the dogma of the "free market" system. Neoliberal/conservative mouthpieces such as Daniel Pipes have huge influence at Harvard. Cornel West quit harvard afteryears there because ohe was being harassed.

Students are manipulated under any educational system, by their consent, granted, but that's largely what education is about. Why pay these people big bucks to market the destruction of the earth for money? harvard is an industry, not just a university. The industry is heavily invovled in "Homeland Security", bioweapons development, marketing the privatization of everything, manipulating media, and entangling the government more firmly into the web of corporations.

Buying an education is analogous to buying food. Why go to Walmart and spend your money on poison when you can patronize local farmers at the food co-op? Why support institutions which are promoting death when you can give your money to places that are really making a positive difference?

Beware. Free education at Harvard isn't free.

still 17.Jun.2004 13:13


Just consider it dumpster diving then and go for it. Take one of the freebies from the big corporation. Nothing in this life is 'free' and we all know it. How much better for folks who already know that this is an industry and not a university to attend! Start within...you might pick up new ideas. The thing is, there is so much to learn. We are taught next to nothing in schools today and Radical Element is right when he/she says that we can teach each other. We do it all the time. Still...there is SO much out there and I think it is a great benefit to enrich our lives with art and poetry, and the grand ideas. Just random thoughts......

not at all like dumpster diving 17.Jun.2004 13:38

you are being had, dianthus

why do you think harvard is doing this? who profits from harvard's charity for the peasants? who pays?

harvard has no more credibility than the New York Times. Judith Miller shills for both.

what if...? 17.Jun.2004 14:22


I hate what-ifs... but what if there actually is some kid out there who has no financial chance of going to college but wants to? Just because a professor tells me something doesn't mean I am going to believe it... in fact, I am more likely to question it and think about things. Colleges are not institutions of indoctrination, they let you see beyond your small world view. Even if you disagree with everything that is taught, then you are still learning to disagree and to make concise, important arguments against their views.

You might think of a college as a forum... just like this one... And for someone wiht no money who wants to become a lawyer, or a doctor, or an artist... this could be their ticket.

Big Deal 17.Jun.2004 14:52


Harvard probably is going to only pay out of there endowments a few thousand each year (maybe) for each student. Tuition is around 30,000 a year and if you got in, chances are the government would fund most of your tuition anyways through grants and work study. Most students will still have to take out 10 to 15 thousand a year in loans to cover the cost of living. This is a great example of how to shrink the middle class as well, you essentially make people who are making around 50-70 thousand a year pay more for their children to go to school, all under the guise of giving free education to the poor.

exactly! 17.Jun.2004 15:54

harvard makes money off of this

by exploiting the ever-shrinking "middle-class", Harvard gets some free PR while abetting its destruction. A few selected proles will get the Harvard education, thereby promoting the idea that we live in a "free" society full of culture and goodwill. Maybe a prole will become a research biologist,and develop vaccine-resistant viruses for the NIH. Or perhaps a prole psychology graduate will develop better strategies for creating brand loyality in children under two years old.

One thing's for sure. Since corporations now control the government and the universities, whatever these students learn and do must increase the bottom line.

unless you luck out and get a professor who hasn't been bought 17.Jun.2004 16:08


you don't learn to think critically in school, especially not one as bought-of as Harvard. You get preened and washed and spit out to do the man's bidding, as an educated drone.

just appearance 17.Jun.2004 16:55

starry eyed

info on the page produced by the link provides virtually no information about the "free education for those of families making under $40,000". Really. In the U.S., in the world, there are many people intelligent enough to cut it at Harvard. Many. But will they qualify to go to this old ivy league bullshit school? This institution requires money or some kind of energy to function. I cannot believe that the blue-blood class collective has suddenly developed sufficient soul to make such an altruistic gesture that would involve allowing millions of the world's population access to one of their elite academic gems. This claim of free education at harvard is hysterical and insulting.
To allay some other fears mentioned by others posting comments here, anyone intelligent enough to go to a place like harvard should be able to be relied upon to be intelligent enough, and have a strong enough sense of individuality to have a sense of their own mind, and not arbitrarily submit to some aristocratic, socio-political agenda.

Free What? 18.Jun.2004 06:36


All Harvard offers is a license to steal. Their credentials are corporate sanctioned brainwashing.
Their offer to education the poor, 40,000 dollars for a typical family of four is not middle class, is a tool to manipulate one's loyalty using money. That is the real deal, credentialling that leads to money in exchange for supporting the corporate lie where ever your degree places you in their workplace.

??? 19.Jun.2004 03:46


"probably have to be fucking einstein....what an insult"

Not if you're Einstein.

gullible 19.Jun.2004 09:35


Has it occured to any of you that this is a chain letter? It's SPAM, plain and simple, don't you guys recognize this writing style from penis-enhancement and japanese schoolgirl e-mails?

Thought about Havard from a 13 year old girl 20.Sep.2004 13:47

Nellie Pagan

If you want to go to Havard you can just work hard at it. I want to go because i want to be a Lawyer Havard is a good school I may be only 13 but i;m smart and i know a good school when i see it. You don;t have to be the smatest person in the world you just have to be good at something and pick the righ school i'm good at law. so Havard is not a bad school it's for people who are good at something that you can take up in Havard.