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Dispose of Protest Warriors Properly

Put fascism in its place.
Nice poster to paste around town.
Protest warriors? The resistance my ass. 17.Jun.2004 09:13


Would that be the White Arian Resistance, or the Department of Homeland Security possibly? Sure looks like grey propoganda to me.

yeah 18.Jun.2004 02:44


sarcasm: Yeah, let's have a little more death, cuz it's not like we don't have enough already. Let's just kill kill kill. It's the quick and easy answer to everything, isn't it? If you don't like it, kill it! Don't understand how to fix it? Kill it! An eye for an eye, right? I mean, it's not as if we would become the oppressors just because we slaghtered the oppressors... Because we're in the right, and they're wrong, which makes it ok to brutally murder--er, "EXACT THE PEOPLE'S JUSTICE ON"--them. ...end of sarcasm

If your revolution includes killing inert figureheads, I don't want any part of it.

As a matter of fact, if your revolution includes a bunch of people killing a bunch of other people, then I don't want any part of that, either. You can go ahead and have it, and I'll stay home and drink beer and play games on my Palm pilot till the batteries run out. Then I'll switch off and play brick breaker on my cell phone till it runs out of juice. And by that time, maybe all the violent assholes will have killed each other off and I'll be able to live in peace with the rest of the meek, and we will indeed inherit the Earth, like Jesus said we will, and we'll have to actually go to each write things down on paper to remember them and go to each other's houses if we want to talk, but it will still be ok because all of the flag-waving, saluting, marching, gung-hoing, bonzaing, hoo-ahing shitheads will be gone and we can just do our thang and be happy. Then, we'll rebuild technology, but we'll do cool stuff with it, like building big particle accelerators and new methods of storing information, and we'll become society that is obsessed with the pursuit of knowledge, rather than one obsessed with power over itself. Cuz if you think about it, that's really what's wrong with this planet; it's like people want to be in control of other people because they can't feel that connection. They can't see themselves in others, and so they run around with this "me against them" mentality and they cheer when bad things happen to people they don't like, not realizing that that bad shit that happened to that other person is just going to cycle through the world and end up back on their front porch. Think about that: When bad shit happens to anyone, it comes back to everyone. Oh shit, I think I feel a rant coming on. Looks like in need to make this an article instead of a comment....

Hooray for not hurting anybody! 18.Jun.2004 11:38

Genital Warts

I totally agree with Clamydia. We can have a revolution that doesn't involve any violence. All we have to do is be nice and thoughtful, and surely the violent leaders of the world will step down from their positions of power. I truly believe that the meek shall inherit the earth, becuase if Jesus said it, it must be true.
I don't want a part in any revolution that contains unpleasant things. I don't want to get hurt, or dirty, or anything. If you guys want to go ahead try to build a revolutionary army, you can be sure that I will be sitting on the couch with Clamydia watching her play on her palm pilot, and we will discuss how to have a happy, hippy, sing-songy revolution. Then we will congratulate each other on being so righteous.
I actually don't support the Zapatistas, becuase they use guns, which are bad. In fact, I don't support just about any revolution in history, because none of them meet my standards. *Sigh* I guess I will be righteously sitting here on Clamydia's couch until you guys get it right and have a revolution that I agree with.

um, go out and post the poster, Resistance! 18.Jun.2004 13:10


We need more public posters. Wheatpasting... graffiti... good stuff.

My contribution to the off-topic age-old Violent/Nonviolent Revolution babble:

You can massively disrupt power structures without hurting or killing people. Problem is, society cares more about things than people, so property damage becomes "terrorism" when it is domestic. Welcome to the birthing pangs of the next American continental society paradigm.

Juvenile Poster 17.Jul.2004 00:21


Whoever designed this poster obviously has no respect for human life, civility, or the American Flag. Protest Warriors are offering another point of view. That's all.

And what is the reaction from the left? From the party of "Compassion", "Free Speech", "Personal Liberty", "The Working Man"?

Hatred, violence, explicatives, physical abuse, and displays of moral degradation. The party that once boasted Truman, FDR, and JFK, is now calling for the ritual murder of any who support another viewpoint.

And they have the gall to call these fine young foot soldiers Nazis.

Can anyone give me a rational explanation for the behavior I've witnessed by these "Peace Advocates" at these demonstration? Or can the Democrats only insult, sneer, and denigrate their opposition?