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9.11 investigation

Meet me in the streets, er, at the theater

The release of Fahrenheit 911 on June 25th represents a historic opportunity to remind our fellow citizens that there are many unanswered questions about 9-11 that point to some degree complicity on the part of the Bush administration. Join the Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance at a meeting this Thursday to plan who, what, where, when and how we will break open public consciousness on 9-11 by leafletting legally at theaters showing Moore's film.

OK, look. You've seen the web sites. You know that NORAD was running a big war game on the morning of 9-11, confirmed by Aviation Week, with quotes from General Arnold. You're suspicious of why World Trade Center 7 fell completely and totally within its own footprint in about 8 seconds flat - the only steel-framed building in world history to collapse solely due to fire. If you think about it, you can recall that Bill Manning, the editor of the national magazine Fire Engineering called the investigation of why the three towers collapsed "a half-baked farce." You've read Sibel Edmonds' Salon interview - you know the one, the one where she states flat out that the FBI knew something big was coming, it was domestic, it involved airplanes and New York. You've heard of how the stocks of United and American went nuts with put options - bets that the stock will fall - the week before 9-11. You've watched in grim satisfaction as the urban legend of Saudis being picked up and flown around the country during the domestic no-fly period got written up and confirmed by Craig Unger of Vanity Fair. You know that one victim, Ellen Mariani, is in the legal fight of her life to hold BushCo accountable for 9-11. You find www.cooperativeresearch.org the best damn research tool on the internet for 9-11, Iraq, and a couple of other topics. You probably even know that various 9-11 groups are coalescing under one banner - www.911truth.org - to make sure that the strongest, most mainstream evidence is put before the American public.

In short, you know the score. Now, what the hell are you going to about it? Slap a "Bush Knew" bumper sticker on your Civic and call it done? Grumble when you open the Oregonian and see that we lost another native son? Pass around endless Bush jokes on the internet (hey, we've all been there)? No, of course not. Because deep down you know that the only way to turn around this country is expose the 9-11 lies - the lies that even now propel us deeper into war and the police state. So, let's get the GODDAMN TRUTH OUT. How? Let's start by putting information in the hands of Portland's movie-going public as they enter or exit theaters where Fahrenheit 9-11 is showing. The movie is reportedly good, but incomplete when it comes to 9-11. So, be a part of history... see you outside the theater.

Who: the ragtag Portland 9-11 Truth Alliance
What: the planning meeting for the "Dude, There's More to the Story" campaign
When: Thursday, June 17th, 2004 - 7pm
Where: the Lucky Labrador Brewpub, SE 9th and Hawthorne


homepage: homepage: http://www.septembereleventh.org/portland/index.php
phone: phone: (503) 460-2791

Promoting Fahrenheit 9/11 17.Jun.2004 22:43


Leaflets are a good idea. Do we know yet which theaters are committed to showing the film? Is McMinnamins on board? What about calling theaters to ask for the film, to demonstrate that there's a huge number of us eager to pay good money for the chance to see it?

theaters showing F911 17.Jun.2004 23:52


Ashland, OR Varsity Theatre

Hillsboro, OR Regal Tualatin Valley Highway 16

Portland, OR Century 16 Eastport

Portland, OR Regal Fox Tower 10

Portland, OR Regal Lloyd Mall 8

Theaters showing Fahrenheit 9/11 18.Jun.2004 13:06


Person, Thanks for the list of Portland theaters that will be playing Michael Moore's new movie. I'll pass the info along. :0)