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The Greatest Country on Earth!

The Greatest Country on Earth!
ok, I'm wondering what country most people think is the greatest on the planet? I would normally think that most would pick their own country, but I have my doubts.

So, What country/Government is the best on Earth, and why?
what a meaningless question, but I will try to provide a meaningful answer 17.Jun.2004 02:07


Unstated assumptions:

1) A country can be judged "best"
2) A country and its government are synonymous
3) There are not governments without countries
4) That governments and countries as they presently exist shouldn't be examined in a larger context outside the confines of nation-states and "civilization"
5) That one would waste her or his time comparing and contrasting the successes and failures of governments in order to rank them hierarchically

My answer: no country can be judged best; all states have their flaws, particularly due to their commonalities that have descended from their common ancestry. People in all countries can be quite remarkable. There is no need to prop up failing nation states or nationalism any further. Let these false division collapse as they are inclined to do.

Cascadia the best, hands down 17.Jun.2004 08:37


For the beauty of its land and sea, for the variety of its climate, the amount of its wild lands remaining.
For the spirit of its people, who resist its current occupation, its lively culture,

I'd give it to cascadia.

Iceland 17.Jun.2004 14:18


Supposedly Icelanders are the happiest and healthiest on the planet.

how american 18.Jun.2004 09:16

sameful american

how american to come up with "the bestest, most extreme country in the whole entire known universe". when can we start voting the "bad" coutries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia) off the planet using our cell phones?

An excellent question 18.Jun.2004 09:55

who cares

I think it's an excellent question, especially those with chronic "i hate all things America" syndrome. So, let's hear it. Which country are you planning on moving to since this country sucks so much?

s'pose it depends on what you're looking for. 09.Oct.2004 11:54


My wife and I are dreaming constantly of Patagonia, southern Argentina. The government is corrupt and ineffective, just as ours is. The national treasures are many, the wilderness still wild, moreso than ours even. The beef is the best in the world, totally natural and range fed, like ours used to be. The entire southern third of the country runs on hydroelectric electricity, and they really don't need to import much oil, but Venezuela makes them a hell of a good deal on it. Here's the kicker. Land there is priced about like it was here in the early 1900's. And society there lives much the same way, with different ethnic groups kinda clinging together, retaining their distinct identity. The country has had a problem with anti-semetism, and like America, there are remnants making their presence known here and there. Punk kids, mostly. In the capital, Buenos Aires, the popular alternative to finding a job is kidnapping for ransom. The economy has driven people to a survival level there, but think about it. 2/3rds of the nation's populace lives in that one city. It's still gorgeous, a city that never sleeps, with the arts, dance, great clubs, the "Paris of the West". The lake country between Patagonia and the rest of Argentina, at the foot of the Andes mountains, is the most picturesque landscape I've ever seen, carved away just yesterday by huge glaciers, remnants of which are major tourist attractions for the highly educated, civil and pleasant people who inhabit the country. Check out San Carlos de Bariloche. Oh my gosh, it's the SWITZERLAND of the West! (only you can move there.)

I'd love to hear someone lay out the downside. Burst my bubble.

thanks for the time.