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SURVEY: Majority of whole U.S. political spectrum HATES corporate media.

Die corporate media, die! You are fading very fast.

The corporate media is one of the dead hands of the past on our sustainable future. Throw it off. It is totally unrequired. Seems the whole political spectrum hates the corporate media.
News in the Gilded Corporate Cage
News in the Gilded Corporate Cage
"As most news outlets are portraying the dead Ronald Reagan as
an iconic and heroic figure, the Pew Research Center has released a
survey that shows:

-- GOPers trust the major media organizations much less than Democrats. Only 15 to 17 percent of Republicans believe the network news shows are credible.

-- Even Fox News Channel is trusted by only 29 percent of Republicans.

-- CNN is trusted by 26 percent of Republicans.

-- About [ONLY!] a third of Democrats said they have faith in the networks.

-- [ONLY!] 45 percent of Democrats said they consider CNN credible.

-- Only 25% of Democrats considered Fox a trustworthy news source and only 29% of Republicans trust Fox either!

-- The Pew report notes, "Republicans have become more distrustful of virtually all major media outlets over the past four years, while Democratic evaluations of the news media have been mostly unchanged."

excerpted from:
Onthe 16.Jun.2004 20:48


Seems Republicans have better sense than Democrats

odd 16.Jun.2004 21:02


there is only 4% difference (margin of error) between dems and gop about trusting Fox news...

So what does that mean?

. 16.Jun.2004 21:11


45% to 26% Dems to Repubs trust CNN - Damn, you are right! The Democrats are more brainwashed than the Republicans! Whodathunkit

it doesn't matter whether "they" hate it or not 17.Jun.2004 13:49

market analyst

as long as "they" keep watching it.

Behind The Iron Curtain 17.Jun.2004 19:35


Even before the Berlin wall fell, the majority of citizens under the USSR knew they were being lied to and manipulated. Propaganda requires a good disguise and a healthy intermixing with the truth to go believed. In their hubris, the right-wing elites have gone too far. Of course, they think that the public college and basic school system could not possibly elevate the intelligence of the masses to a level to figure it out. Even the militia of Alexander The Great eventually recognized his madness and enrichment at their expense. Hopefully it does not require the downfall of America to achieve this epiphany.

Hah 18.Jun.2004 00:55


Well the thing is republicans think the the media is too liberal. Democrats hate Bush, and think theres not enough Kerry going on.