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Tre Arrow Update

Here is an update on Tre Arrow's case, forwarded from Canada:

tre arrow has his next hearing date this friday at 10 am, there was no
hearing held this past monday. everyone, including tre's lawyers, are
optmistic that the adjudicator will rule in tre's favour, and that tre
will be deemed "admissable" to canada.

if the hearing concludes on friday, the adjudicator *may* reserve
judgement and issue a ruling the following week. or she may rule on
friday. immediately following a positive ruling tre will have another
detention/bail hearing.

as we are coming closer to the time when we'll possibly need to produce at
the very least ten thousand dollars for tre's bail, *now* is the time to
send in your donations! please donate generously!

at the moment we are using the following address:

send cheques or *international* money orders made out to:

Tre Arrow Canadian Legal Defense Fund

and mail to:

362 Sylvia St.
Victoria, BC
V8V 1C6 Canada

this address will change at the end of this month.

thanks go out to everyone who has contributed funds, or has sent tre love
and postive energy and prayers...

get a paypal account 16.Jun.2004 20:46


just a suggestion, but then you can accept internet donations.

Oh, yeah?! 17.Jun.2004 16:04

On Scam Line

Get a PayPal account? Only to have PayPal mysteriously freeze the account like they have done so many others? Yaahh, shure.

See  http://www.paypalsucks.com/

not a real problem 17.Jun.2004 16:17


Open the account, and draw the days money out each day. If they freeze the account (which has happened to people, but generally over a disputed bill on ebay), then you are only out the day's take.

Its an excellent idea, but it does require one to ironically use a large corporation (ebay/paypal) in order to save a protester of large corporations. But the cash flow would be about 10x what Tre would normally get.