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Active Logging at Peanuts Timber Sale

Old-growth currently being logged in Umpqua National Forest.
Timber sale monitors are reporting active logging at the Peanuts Timber Sale in the Diamond Lake District of Umpqua National Forest. After years of controversy, The US Forest Service and D.R. Johnson Lumber are continuing forward with plans to decimate the Peanuts and Pig-out sales, in the area surrounding Toketee Hot Springs, Lemolo Lake, and Toketee Lake. These two sales were sold in 1997 and 1998, Peanuts to D.R. Johnson, Pig-out to Roseburg Forest Products, 400 acres in total-10 million board feet, approx 2000 log truck loads. Both sales contain stands of ancient trees, many 5-6' across, including Dougals Fir, Western Hemlock, and Pacific Silver Fir.

Peanuts timber sale builds almost 3 miles of new permanent roads, most in the Loafer Creek watershed, even though the Umpqua National Forest's own watershed analysis recommended no additional roads be built here. Peanuts also does "regeneration harvests" in high elevation Mountain hemlock forests, against the recommendations of the watershed analysis.

Pigout: Some of the units are across from the Umpqua Hot Springs, some along the canals of the Hydro project. In 1996 a massive landslide rolled down a steep mountain and demolished a portion of a canal and caused extensive erosion. It tore through the middle of the proposed Pigout unit 4. The solution? Make unit 4 into two units and continue with plans to log. This unit can be seen from Watson Falls parking lot.

Much of Pigout is classic old-growth, lower elevation than Peanuts, with Douglas fir, Western hemlock, True firs (White, Red and Silver), and 5 needle pines (Western white and Sugar pine). Rhododendron and vine maple grace the forest floors under the towering old-growth.

Some units of Peanuts were cut in the summer of 2003. Cutting was halted due to fire restrictions during mid-summer, but D.R. Johnson has resumed logging this season, cutting unit 10 within the past week or so.

Logging personnel have attempted to prevent timber sale monitors from entering the area surrounding Peanuts in spite of no closures being on the road system leading in. Calls were placed to the Diamond Lake District bringing this to their attention and assurances were given the road system surrounding Peanuts is not closed and personnel employed by D.R. Johnson have no right to stop citizens from being in the area except the area within 1000 ft of active logging in progress.

Logging has not yet started in Pigout. Pigout is 145 acres of beautiful, diverse, old growth forests that do not deserve to be converted to a little tree plantation, enslaved to produce only for the timber industry, never to become an old-growth forest again. It could be clearcut at anytime. Some units of Pig-out are directly across from Toketee(Umpqua)Hotsprings and are clearly visable in a line of sight from the hotsprings themselves. The adverse impacts of this timbers sale on recreational activitys in the area are clear and apparent-it is a very popular destination. The Diamond Lake District is the Umpqua National's top Timber producer, and at the same time it's most heavily used recreation area. Enjoyment of this area by the public(owners) is being sacrificed for profit by the timber industry.

Why is the Diamond Lake District proceeding with this? Call them and let them know you are not in favor of logging in this area and you feel the contract to Pig-out should be bought back from Roseburg Forest Products and any plans to log in the area should be put on hold:

Jim Caplan(Umpqua National Forest Supervisor)-(541)672-6601

Diamond Lake Ranger Station-(541)498-2531

Also call Roseburg Forest Products (541)679-3311
Tell them you care about the Toketee area and they should not log in the area and should demand the Forest Service buy the Peanuts contract back.

These special forests should remain public and not sold off for the timber industry to convert them to their tree farms. Its time to stop logging publically owned old-growth forests.

For directions to visit Peanuts and Pig-out or to find out how to become involved in efforts to save the area from the chainsaws contact:


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Trees at Peanuts and Pigout Timber Sales 18.Jun.2004 12:17


Trees at Pigout and Peanuts