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Earth Dying - Need to do something now!

Occasionaly even the mainstream media prints something that actually reflects reality. This article from today's Oregonian is sobering.
These are excerpts from an article appearing in today's Oregonian. Section A Page 8. Pick one up if you want to read the whole thing.

World's lands turn to desert at alarming speed

The world is turning to dust with lands the size of Rhode Island becoming desert wasteland every year and the problem threatening to send millions of people fleeing to greener countries, the United Nations says.

* One-third of the Earth's surface is at risk
* Thirty-one percent of Spain is threatened
*China has lost 36,000 square miles - an area the size of Indiana - to desert since the 1950s.
* From the mid-1990s to 2000, 1,374 square miles have turned into deserts each year - an area about the size of Rhode Island, That's up from 840 square miles in the 1980s and 624 square miles in the 1970's
*By 2025, two-thirds of arable land in Africa will disappear, along with one-third of Asia's and one-fifth of South America's.
*About 135 million people - equivalent ot the populations of France and Germany combined - are at risk of being displaced.

It can be discouraging reading the puerile and vapid debates that all too often characterize Indymedia, even worse are the right wing knuckleheads who lack the mental capacity to comprehend the global implications of environmental destruction. They express their "opinions", always using names like "common sense", "looking without rose colored glasses" etc... What does your common sense say about this? Let's face it, the ability to produce food is the essence of survival, our technology is stripping the earth of it's ability to do so. When the soil is gone we die. What more is there to be said? Any activities not directly concerned with stopping this destruction is pointless.
Shocked and upset 17.Jun.2004 16:16


It is a sad thing that we sit here, in our comfortable chairs, at our high tech computers, doing nothing but bitch and complain.

Where are the heros of Gaia? Where are the warriors of Mother Earth? There is so much to do, and so little time.

Can we, will we hear when our Mother is crying in pain? Will we respond and return the loving protection she has bestowed on us?