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Reporters Greatly Needed For Street Roots Newspaper

Street Roots greatly needs reporters!
Street Roots is looking for enthusiastic and inquisitive people to perform varied work involving news assignments. Work must be accurate and completed according to set deadlines. The applicant must be self-motivated to gather information and create accurate and timely stories and exercise judgment. The applicant should be able to develop basic community contacts to report on news in a timely and accurate fashion. Ability to interact with peers and editors from a variety of backgrounds to coordinate work with our bi-weekly newspapers is also a necessity. News experience in any media is preferred, but not at all necessary. People of all ages, races, disabilities, sexual orientation and political beliefs are very welcome. Volunteer position.

Also, we offer a free writing course for anyone interested. Anyone is welcome to attend our weekly reporter meetings, Wednesday at 9am or stop by anytime for more information. Our address is 1231 S.W. Morrison, Portland, OR 97205.

Phone - (503) 228-5657.

Our email: streetroots [at] mail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our website:  http://www.streetroots.org

Our mission statement

We advocate for the homeless, passionately striving for justice, equality and freedom. Through a voice that can be heard, we raise social awareness, build community and create unique career and income opportunities to help homeless people help themselves.

homepage: homepage: http://www.streetroots.org