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Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe.
At present, commercial stun guns target one person at a time, and work only at close quarters. The new breed of non-lethal weapons can be used on many people at once and operate over far greater distances.

But human rights groups are appalled by the fact that no independent safety tests have been carried out, and by their potential for indiscriminate use.


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nice... 16.Jun.2004 15:30


"The gun has been designed for the US Marine Corps to use for crowd control and security purposes and is due out in 2005."

Great 16.Jun.2004 16:07


I can't wait for the police to start killing people with less lethal weapons. No, I'm not joking. Here is why....

It's just a matter of time until they use chemical weapons on someone who has an allergic reaction or is blinded because she/he is wearing contact lenses.
Now with the pervasive use of stuns and this new fangled multi-victim stun machine it is also just a matter of time before someone dies from a heart attack or dies when her/his head smashes unto the ground or someother hard object.The police will misuse these less lethal weapons because that's what they do and the result will be serious bodily harm and/or death to activists.

It will be a good thing for the corporations' paramilitary (aka the police) to kill demonstrators - that will wake up the rest of society. The public will tolerate roughing up and jailing activists but they will not tolerate killing them. Activists can use what will be a martyr's death to illustrate that the oppressive tactics used by the police are not harmless or necessary. It will be sad to lose a few people but unfortunately that is what it's going to take to get the police the government and the people who support them to get a fucking grip on what they are really doing to demonstrators and why.

Look at Genoa as an example. The loss of life there is sad but the European authorities are now ever conscious and cautious about the use of force because of the public backlash that followed the death there. These are troubled times and like it or not sacrifices must be made to bring this world back to reason.

Just a side note: high frequency noise generators that repel crowds and split ear drums were shipped to the middle east a few months ago. You can be sure those will be used here too after the inhumane tests there. They think they are doing the right thing by using these new weapons against the civilian population - sadly it will take a few deaths to prove that what they are doing is wrong.

'non-lethal' kills 16.Jun.2004 17:26

theresa mitchell

from encyclopedia.freedictionary.com

Pepper spray is a non-lethal

Non-lethal force is force which is not inherently likely to kill or cause great bodily injury to a living target. Note that "non-lethal force" generally has a significant risk of causing death: in this context "non-lethal" only means "not intended to kill". For this reason, two new terms, "less than lethal" and particularly "less-lethal", were coined and are now being used in place of "non-lethal" by many weapons manufacturers and law enforcement agencies (and even those who oppose their common use in riot control).

The excessive use of pepper spray has been linked to lasting injuries and fatalities. See also tear gas Tear gas is a non-specific term for any chemical that is used to cause temporary incapacitation through irritation of eyes and/or respiratory system. Tear gas is used as a hand-held spray or in grenades. It is widely used by police forces to subdue people in arrest or riot situations.

(end of excerpt)

I think the allure of these weapons is that they satisfy the deep need to punish the protesters on the spot for their 'attitude,' and kill a few to frighten the others. Cops generally feel they're 'on the spot' and taking the blame unfairly for whatever protesters are feeling hot about, and they also tend to get furious at anyone who seems disobedient. Politicians know this, and so they love to send unnecessary and excessive police forces against peaceful demonstrations. The outrage of the demonstrators at their ill-treatment can be edited to play on the 'news' as an unreasoning and frightening display of aggression, which is then properly punished by the apparently ever-suffering cops.

Hence, too, the use of giant puppets by demonstrators as an excellent foil to this visual perversion of the truth. The cops go absolutely ape when giant puppets appear, and promptly smash them. That's a clear sign that the puppets should be used more and more.

Recreational use 16.Jun.2004 17:36

Pravda or Consequences

Won't be long until it's all settled...

building on jimmy's comments... 16.Jun.2004 17:44


Look at where we are now. Stormtroopers beating women and children for standing in the streets with signs. Where is the public outcry? Another advantage of the suburban model... keeps the uninformed from contacting the reality in the power centers.

I agree that given the current climate of intolerance and injustice, the death of protesters is inevitable, and that it will garner the support and sympathy of the left-leaning side of the public.

However, the other half of the public would just as soon see every protester in jail, deported, or in some cases shot. The mass media tends towards this angle, as we know; they have the ability to sway the few undecided in the middle, and when the shit hits the fan (RNC anyone? why delay the inevitable?) they will almost certainly defend cops by claiming that the protesters were instigating violence.

And there WILL be violence from peaceful protesters, if such protesters are attacked without cause by thugs with giant ray guns. The escalation of the riot goon/activist conflict seems likely to end in the next couple of years with a pivotal, violent event followed by a complete, de facto crackdown and banning of public assembly. Resistance will move to underground DA, the last few shreds of the Bill of Rights will be thrown out the window, and life will get mad chaotic.

I intend to be self-sufficient and inconspicuous at that time.

colon blow 16.Jun.2004 18:43


there's supposedly a sound gun they're working on also that emits a bass note so low it causes convulsions and loss of muscle, including bowel, control...

can't wait for that one. save a ton of money on enemas packs.

giant mirror, people... 17.Jun.2004 08:00


giant mirror...

Electricly difficult to do this-must be a microwave weapon(+countermeasures) 17.Jun.2004 09:49

Pirate Radio tech

To do thios with simply an electron beam woudl be very difficult in open air. The current would want to arc to ground and not cross the distance. In addition, such a device if possible would fry anyone too close and have no effect at a greater distance. Electricly it doesn't make sense.

More likely, this is a MICROWAVE weapon. This is based on the same concept as a microwave oven-and on the well known problem of injury or death to anyone acicidently caught in the beam of a high powered military radar up close(a few feet from megawatt radar antennas). As a nonlethal weapon, there is again a problem, in that the intensity of the beam drops with the square of the distance. You could use it on a single line of people, but on a deep crowd those up front would roast while those in back woudl be unaffected unless it was backed way off so the ration of minimum to maximum range was small.

At long range, rain and humidity would absorb a lot of the power. if the power is made variable, the cops would no doubt turn it all 5the way up all the time, l;eading to deaths days or weeks later from organ failure as burned organs gradually quit working-a known problem in high energy radar exposure cases.

If they ever deploy a microwave weapon, the defense is simple: Microwaves, like all radio waves, don't penetrate metal. Aluminum foil or even shiny metallized threat in your clothing will stop it, and so will a foil-coated cardboard shield. If you would already be wearing your gas mask, glue foil to it and window screen(touching the foil) over they eyepieces. Otherwise, aluminum window screen over your head will protect your head-and you have to admit foil and screen is delightfully lightweight armor comnpared to that turtle gear the cops wear or medieval plate armor. Spekaing of medieval armor, chain mail is an excellent defense against any form of microwave weapon, as well as edged weapons.

How do I know this stuff? I build pirate radio transmitters and work with electricity and RF every day. My study of radio theory, in turn, extends to most of what amateur radio operators do and also to high power electrical systems.

aha! 17.Jun.2004 12:28


with tin foil, you also get the added benefit of blocking alien transmissions...

WOW! can you 17.Jun.2004 14:40


something like this in the hands of the dumbfucks like King, McCollister & Sery (et al)?