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(Northwest) Detention Center Blues

On April 7, politicians and law enforcement officials gathered in Tacoma, Washington, to celebrate the opening of the Department of Homeland Security's newest gem, a $115 million facility called the Northwest Detention Center.
CSC stands to earcn 22 million dollars in profit from Tacoma alone
CSC stands to earcn 22 million dollars in profit from Tacoma alone
The building, designed to hold up to 700 undocumented immigrants awaiting deportation, was nearly two years in the works, and supporters hoped it would provide a much-needed economic boon to the region.

Later that week, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division sent a report to Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, documenting the results of an investigation into two of the state's juvenile halls. In stomach-churning detail, investigators described how employees brutally beat youths at the facilities, and how basic living conditions didn't meet even the lowest constitutional standards. In a subsequent statement, Assistant Attorney General R. Alexander Acosta said, "No juvenile should be exposed to such conditions."

One of the juvie halls named in the report, the Charles H. Hickey, Jr. School, was operated by Correctional Services Corporation (CSC), the Sarasota, Florida-based company contracted by Homeland Security to run its Tacoma detention center and another in Texas, slated to open next year.

The fact that Homeland Security—specifically its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch that oversees detention centers—would hire a company whose facility was the subject of a recent and damning federal investigation is as perplexing as it is disturbing. More disconcerting is that the government would employ CSC after nearly a decade of similar scandals.

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Detention Center report at inthesetimes.com 21.Sep.2004 00:01

Chris Daniels

This evening, I was reading the inthesetimes.com report on the detention centers. Someone posted, in broken English, that she was held in one of these facilities for an extended amount of time and asked if she was allowed to talk about it. I posted a reply, and five minutes later the page can no longer be accessed.

Cascadia in the 70's 16.Nov.2006 21:23

was known then as Cascadia Juvenile Detention Center montereyscott@yahoo.com

I spent time in Cascadia in the 70's; rumor had it that it was once an asylum for the insane - what would you like to know?

Northwest detention center 07.May.2007 16:25

??????????? valdez0952@pasito.com

I do not understand if you are going to deport them do it but if they have family her they will come back thing about people,family that you are breacking because people won't stop and think first.thear peple like by brother in ther (northwest detention center) they have been here all their life and are good people that got confident in country that they love and the only one they know.
I do not understand and miss my babybrother.