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Greenpeace activists locked to three-ton container on logging road in Southern Oregon

In a peaceful protest to challenge the assault on U.S. public lands by the Bush administration, Greenpeace activists put their bodies on the line today in the ancient forests of Southern Oregon.

A three-ton cargo container with two people locked to the inside and one attached to the outside, was placed between chainsaws and some 236 acres of old-growth forest at the SouKow timber sale outside of Glendale, Oregon.

BREAKING NEWS FROM TODAY'S LOCKDOWN can be found at  http://weblog.greenpeace.org/stopthesales/
The container on the road
The container on the road
Jennifer Kirby, 26, of Washington, D.C., Kingman Lim, 23, of Berkeley, CA and Anthony Villagomez, 22, of Northern Oregon locked themselves to the giant container at dawn.

The forest in Oregon represents ancient forests on public lands throughout the United States that the Bush administration is fast tracking onto the chopping block. To date, 70 percent of all old growth forest has already been logged. Greenpeace is calling for a moratorium on commercial logging on public lands, and for increased protection and restoration efforts.

Earlier this month, Greenpeace opened its first U.S. Forest Rescue Station in Oregon. The station, which is open to the public, is just one that Greenpeace plans to open in endangered forests across the country.

"These beautiful, old trees are our national treasures and the lungs of the planet. But instead of protecting the last remaining forests, the Bush administration is attempting to destroy them," said Bill Richardson, Greenpeace Campaigns Director. "If Bush continues to ignore the public's wishes to keep their forests healthy, it will be up to the American people to rescue our public forests from this imminent danger."

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other federal agencies have allowed extensive logging and road building in ancient forests across the nation destroying forests and key fish habitats and costing taxpayers billions of dollars in net losses and direct subsidies to logging corporations. Despite U.S. Forest Service findings that recreation on public lands generates more revenue and creates millions of jobs, timber sales like the one in Oregon threaten forests on public lands across the Pacific Northwest and around the country.

"The BLM has been mismanaging our public lands, ripping off taxpayers and stealing away our heritage, our forests and our future," continued Richardson. "Keeping forests intact and creating more protected areas
creates jobs and profits. It is time to put an end to the boom-and-bust economy of commercial logging, and create family wage jobs through restoration."

Damn Good 16.Jun.2004 12:11


There are many ways to help in this struggle against pointless&expensive waste and destruction. Three cheers for all involved.

Right the fuck on! 16.Jun.2004 13:32


Three cheers for Greenpeace!

It is so refreshing to see mainstream environmental groups walking the walk!

an older version of this article 16.Jun.2004 16:52

has some good discussion

an older version of this article has some good discussion:

see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/290830.shtml

I used to Live in Glendale Oregon. 16.Jun.2004 18:17

Daniel Baker vorgand@yahoo.com

I used to Live in Glendale Oregon. It is nothing but a Logging town itself. There was a time when a tech company wanted to build a factory there and was turned down.

The Water is so bad that the water department mails out disclaimers warning against drinnking the water if you have any pre-existing health issues. Something about "Contact time" or other. People with otherwise healthy teeth will find them rotting out of their mouths in a few years. No Joke.

May parents live next to an area that was recently clear-cut. During this time all sorts of snakes and other wildlife (Inlcuding one black bear) found their way to my parents land. ONly about 2 or 3 acres has been built on, while the remaining 32 have been left nearly completly alone. I can take pictures of the Damage, that goes on for several miles, and is still contining. Very huge beautiful trees bigger around than myself were destroyed. Whats curious, was the roads for this loggin when in during Clintons administration. Never thought much about it then.

It's frustrating to see people doing things like this, but not having much effect. I live 50 miles south in Medford now, and never heard a peep about this.


Medford, Oregon.