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Mike D. needs our calls!

When Mike D. showed up for his court date last week, Judge Thorn decided to throw Mike in jail, stating that he hadn't kept in close enough contact with his lawyer. They are keeping Mike in the Clackamas County jail until his court date on 6/23/04. We need you to call his lawyer, Leonard Kovac at 503-659-5545, and ask for a release hearing for Mike.
Following is the information on Mike D.'s case:

Clackamas County Jail
State -vs- Michael D. McMullen
Case # - CR0311198
Court Date - 6/23/04 - 9:00 am
Bail - $50,000.00

Lawyer - Leonard Kovac - 503-659-5545

Please call Leonard Kovac and ask for a release hearing for Mike D. If he refuses or seems reluctant, tell him that you'll call the State Bar and file a complaint against him. (He has asked twice to be fired from Mike's case and the Judge has refused to do so.)

Thank you!

man oh man 15.Jun.2004 12:18

Mike N.

Mikey no Likey.

only god can judge me....

im an atheist.

explain 15.Jun.2004 12:39


how about some more details? (1)what does his lawyer state as his reason to be released from the case? (2)is their grounds for threatening a complaint? (3) did mike actually fail to comply with directions to stay in contact with his lawyer? How? If you can't answer these questions clearly, perhaps stu sugarman can.

Didn't keep in close enough contact? 15.Jun.2004 13:03

G. Pyle

The guy is an activist! They love to keep in touch with lawyers, I have a REALLY hard time believing the judge was right in this case.

some information 15.Jun.2004 14:36

red tape

I called the lawyer's office. This information was obtained from Mr. Kovac's assistant. Mike D. has not allegedly asked for a release hearing. Scheduling a release hearing takes 4-5 days. Mr. Kovac is in court on Tuesday, next week, and is already booked solid. So, according to the assistant, it would be pointless. With respect to whether or not the lawyer may have tried to remove himself from the case, I could not get a direct answer.

Who? 15.Jun.2004 15:36


Who is Mike D?

That sucks 15.Jun.2004 15:57


I hope Mike D. sues their asses for holding him as a political prisoner.

Fuck this stupid oppressive injustice system and the asshole judge who's persecuting a peace loving righteous man. Oh yeah, and screw his lawyer Leonard Kovac too for not doing his fucking job. Mike D. should file a complaint with the Oregon State Bar against that incompetent asshole.

Who is Mike D? 15.Jun.2004 18:55

Corbin Holland

Is this the guy who damaged the SUVs? Come on guys, a little background info here so that we know why we should get involved.

Mike D 15.Jun.2004 21:12

neutral surfer

Mike D is a local activist, generally marches in anti-war and police accountability demonstrations. He has been arrested for "jaywalking" during a scheduled protest earlier this year (you know, where thousands of people walk down the street). He does work with a variety of local groups. He covers court cases for Indymedia from time to time.

As far as I know he is not an arsonist, violent or any of those things. He is just well-known around here because he tends to be arrested for BS, and is an organizer.

Leonard Kovac withdrawing from case today 16.Jun.2004 08:19


Just spoke with Casey @ Kovac's office, and she said they're withdrawing from the case today. She would give no other information, including how long Mike D. has been in jail or what her office's connection with the state is. Question: what is the arrangement between public defenders and the state these days? Are they paid by the state? Is it contractual? Do they have any responsibilities to the public, like disclosing basic information about the status of criminal cases?

How Public Defense Works 16.Jun.2004 09:23

PD Grunt

Yes, lawyers who do public defense work or private contractors paid by the state.

No, they do not have any obligation to provide basic information to the public. They have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of their clients' cases, and any publically available information they do share they do just to be decent.

It is far more effective to bother the courts and jails for publically available information on people being held in custody.

Public defenders 16.Jun.2004 09:30

tick tock

Public defenders (PD) are appointed and paid by the state to represent indigent people who are charged with a criminal offense. PD's have an ethical obligation to represent their clients vigorously. Sounds to like Mike D.'s lawyer failed to do that. I don't know what Mike D is charged with but unless it is a person to person crime (violence - which I highly doubt) or he is a flight risk (which he isn't) there is no reason that he should be held in jail while he awaits trial.

PD's have no obligation and in fact cannot talk to the public about cases they are working on. They work for the client. We as a society have decided that everyone has a right to representation even if we have to pay for it instead of the unrich defendant. But the relationship is between the client and the PD not the PD and us (the public).

Now that Mike D.'s lawyer is withdrawing that could really fuck up his situation. The court will appoint another one but that could take time and Mike D. may get lost in the Clackamas County jail for a little while. As a prisoner he has just about no rights and can't just call someone for legal help. If possible a friend of his should get an attorney for him right away. Any decent attorney should be able to get him out.

who is mike d? 16.Jun.2004 11:16

seach portland indymedi

if you want to know who mike d is, search this site for mike d. or mike dee. he is a well known and respected local activist. he is peaceful, responsible, dedicated, and courageous. we're lucky to have him.

mike d rocks! 16.Jun.2004 14:09

friend of mike d

Yes, do search the site to find out more. Mike D is a comrade who works for social justice in many ways. And yes, he does tend to get arrested a lot, probably because the police know he's effective and they target him. He's often arrested for no reason, and sometimes for silly things like jaywalking (for which he spent several months in jail recently, if memory serves).

Ya Basta! 16.Jun.2004 22:20


I like Mike D's dreds. I want them out of jail. I like Mike D too. Good luck Mike!

Mike d 16.Jun.2004 23:10

mike T

mike d sounds like a cool modern day rebel
I hope he can get out ASAP
****FREE mike d******

mike d 16.Jun.2004 23:35

mike T

I just read the following Post n another IndyMedia page thought I should pass along whichI copied and posted below <note date of Mike d post>

quote::""""""forest defense | police / legal 10-Jun-2004 09:59

Mike Dee Speaks From Jail

From the open publishing newswire: Hi folks, this is Mike Dee in Clackamas County Jail urging you to do what you can to continue saving the forests. I will be here until my June 23rd trial because I stood up with others for the forests at the solo timber sale, and Judge Thom ordered that I remain in custody until trial, even though by that time I will have likely more than served any sentence that might be imposed.

My trial is at 9:00 am on that date in the Clackamas Cty courthouse, 807 Main Street, Oregon City, and I hope to see you then. Please don't bail me out or put money on my books. Look for CR 03-11198, State v. McMullin for the court assignment on that day."""""" end quote::

solid 18.Jun.2004 12:19

with Mike D

Solidarity with Mike D!
Stay strong, and I hope you're outta there soon. That may take a little demo on the outside for you. I enjoyed working with you on the field of dreams.

This poor guy's constantly getting harassed by Kkkops like Ossifer Lee for no reason just plain political repression of the type you see in Colombia.

solidarity buddy!

mike d 12.Oct.2004 12:15

bad justice

Are we all aware that Mr. Kovac is also a part time judge for Clackamas county.