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Reportback on Jeff "Free" Luers Solidarity Event in Eugene

The Event in Eugene held in solidarity with Jeff "Free" Luers was enjoyable and the speakers inspiring. Blackfire opened with a ancient healing hoop ceremony that had everone dazzled by the intricacy of the dance. Jeff's father came and said how proud he was of his son, making some of us wonder about where some of our blood relatives are at in their support of our beliefs...
An edited version of the film "Green With A Vengence" refreshed everone's memory about the spin that law enforcment and media put on Jeff's case, and fleshed out the ensuing copycat fire at the Romania car dealership, resulting in the burning of over 30 SUV's the week before Jeff's trial... supposedly done "in his name". I believe this is the fire that people are currently being subpoena'd to Grand Jury about in Eugene.

Kevin Price spoke with authority about the lies surrounding Mumia Abu Jamal's case, the fact that Mumia is not off death row at all, as the government has led the public to believe. Kevin proceeded to draw analogies between the misinformation surrounding Free's case and the injustice surrounding the severity of Free's sentence, with Mumia's case, where he clearly didn't wasn't the person who killed the cop (Arnold Beverly, has even confessed to shooting the cop.) Mumia is on death row for his political beliefs, for his refusal to stop reporting the truth. Kevin is a MOVE Supporter who started doing work for Mumia and MOVE political prisoners at the age of 14. Kevin is now working with International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. He is publisher of the Friends of MOVE newsletter. For more information about mumia's case, go to:  http://www.afrikan.i-dentity.com/freedom.now/

Claude Marks from the Freedom Archives Project gave a compelling speech about the importance of prisoner support and the importance of being an ally, allowing those you are allies to determine the direction your support will take. This touched me deeply, as I often see the word "solidarity" used to mean the activist's own determination of what is right for people s/he advocates for. Other powerful messages came from this speaker as well. The website to go to for more information is freedomarchives.org

Ramona Africa reminded us all of the oppression and brutality suffered by all who speaks out against injustice, at the hands of this racist classist system. She wanted people to remember that the people in power need to be removed from power and the systems changed before we can ever expect anything to change. She pointed out that to go to the oppressor to ask for oppression of your people to stop is never going to work. She gave many analogies for this, encouraging people to understand that the system itself will not ever change until the people in control are taken out.

Blackfire got us dancing for the rest of the night with their inspirational rockin' political music, pointing out that whether we are fighting against injustice caused by homophobia, sexism, racism, or classism, it is all the same fight, we are all fighting against the same oppressive system and we need to work together to become a force to be reckoned with. They brought the message from the hopi and dine people on Black Mesa, that that mountain is being ravaged by Peabody Coal, and that the same company that owns half of Peabody Coal is also responsible for many other messed up problems - I didn't catch the name of that company, if anyone else did, please put a comment on the end of this... I was unaware of this transnational connection.

Another thing that Blackfire pointed out, among the many, was that walls are being put up to create a sense of separation between people and mother earth, and between each other. In Palestine, in Iraq, at Anti-globalization protests, in Prison, On the Reservation in Flagstaff... these walls are up to keep people feeling isolated, separated from our family and mother earth. We need to work hard to get past the physical and psychological barriers that separate us so that our struggles can become more powerful and the alliances we make can grow stronger as we face oppression on all fronts.

A great show, kudos to the break the chains folks for putting this event on, and for standing in true solidarity with the political prisoners they support. For more information about Break the Chains, go to breakthechains.net and to join their listserve with important information about how to support political prisoners internationally, email them at  breakthechains02@yahoo.com and ask to be added to their listserve
great report! 13.Jun.2004 16:38

an indy reader

thanks for the great report, quill. your report-backs are always informative and enjoyable to read.

hmmm 13.Jun.2004 19:49


"Blackfire got us dancing for the rest of the night with their inspirational rockin' political music, pointing out that whether we are fighting against injustice caused by homophobia, sexism, racism, or classism, it is all the same fight, we are all fighting against the same oppressive system and we need to work together to become a force to be reckoned with."

There was a security alert on mainstream media the other day warning about the possibility of eco-terrorism connected to the Jeff "Free" Luers solidarity day.
Do you think the infiltrators were dancing with you?
Do you think they learned anything?
Sounds like it was a great gathering.

In solidarity 14.Jun.2004 01:29

Tyler Wells twells1@gladstone.uoregon.edu

Thank you breakthechains and everybody who supported and contributed to Jeff all across the US and world. Jeff's dad was the greatest performance of them all I thought (it almost brought me to tears). Let everybody not mind what the Fox ceo, neo-con Rupert Murdoch has to say on the subject. Maybe someday most people will realize that justice is blind, or at least selective.


peabody coal 14.Jun.2004 13:13


peabody coal is owned by shearson lehman brothers / american express.
the slurry pipeline ( moving crushed coal with pristine aquifer water ) was operated by enron. i don't know if they still operate the pipeline.

KCBY Slimes Up 11pm Coverage 15.Jun.2004 11:47


Eugene's channel 11 coverage of the fundraiser for Jeffery Luers was dripping with corporate slime!
Anchor hairdo Amy Hong inserted the word ECOterrorist into the script as many ways as humanly possible; including the prize winning description of musical entertainment as "an ECOterrorist concert".
This is not news coverage! This is a blatant attempt to demonize envronmental activism without regard for truth!

Fight the Media - and THEIR terror 20.Jun.2004 22:28


The mainstream media's immediate demonization of Jeff Luers (and sympathizers) as an "eco-terrorist" following the FBI press release (which warned the public that June 12th could bring the threat of terrorism) paints the "radical" eco-defense movement generally as a terrorist threat. This is not to be taken lightly by activists. At a time when Americans are freaked out about Al-Queda, the public is much more likely to take the FBI (&mainstream media's) rhetoric seriously. After they State labels dissenters as terrorists, they can exterminate you in any number of ways, through bullets, or incredible long jail terms, like Jeff got. The terrorist label isolates you from possible support and makes it easier to target and destroy you. Of course, this is what the FBI does best and can be expected to do more of.

Activists don't spend nearly enough time countering this type of demonization in the mainstream media. Sure the corporate controlled media is corrupt and evil, but you should still strive to hold their feet to the fire and hold them accountable and call them on their bullshit. Not only to they keep the destruction of the earth invisible, but they define resistance to that destruction - as terrorism. When is their shit enough? You have to organize more around the role of the corporate fascist media. As an institution of repression, that has already facilitated much destruction and misery... it is really time to address the corporate media role in the "war OF terrorism..."

If you don't... it will remain a major oversight, and continue to undermine your best efforts.

About Jeff Luers, why don't his supporters put on the front page of Jeff's website, ( http://www.freefreennow.org) the picture of him tree-sitting in Oregon's old growth forest. It is a beautiful picture. That particular picture shows Jeff in nature, and shows what is in his heart, the forest, which he was committed to protecting. That picture would help counter this demonization that is so viciously directed at him right now for it SHOWS rather than explains that Jeff was about defending the natural world, and was not about harming or terrorizing anyone.
Jeff Free Luers in Tree
Jeff Free Luers in Tree

Free, in an 800 year old Douglas Fir Tree named "Happy" 20.Jun.2004 22:47


Free, tree-sitting in Fall Creek - 1998.
Free, tree-sitting in Fall Creek - 1998.

Love 22.Jun.2004 09:58

Jill codeanhendrix@yahoo.com

I thought it was very helpful, everything you said. It was beautifully put. I wish I could have been there,though. I know it was great.