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Marco sentenced to 17 more years imprisonment

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (5th of June 2004)
Dear friends

As you will be aware, Swiss anti-nuclear eco-activist, Marco Camenisch, has
recently been on trial accused of both murder and attempted murder. As
reported in our ELP Information Bulletin on the 11th of May 2004, the
attempted murder charge related to an injury sustained by a prison warder
during Marco's escape from custody in the early 1980s. The murder charge
related to the death of a Swiss boarder guard in the late 1980s whilst Marco
was on the run.

On the 4th of June 2004, Marco was found Not Guilty on the attempted murder
charge, but was convicted on the murder of the Swiss boarder guard.
Following his conviction Marco was sentenced to an additional 17 years
imprisonment. Marco has always denied murdering the boarder guard and ELP
understands that Marco is intending to appeal.

Following Marco's conviction and sentencing, it is needless to say that
Marco is in vital need of support. Therefore please send urgent letters of
support to:

Marco Camenisch
Postfach 8058

For more information on Marco and his history, check out his prisoner
profile on www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk or check out the multi-lingual website


"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of
line" (Michael Collins - former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

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Article on Marco 13.Jun.2004 10:17


The self-proclaimed anarchist, Marco Camenisch, has been sentenced to 17
years in prison for the murder of a border guard in 1989.

But Camenisch was found not guilty of the attempted murder of a prison guard
eight years earlier.

On Friday, a court in Zurich found Camenisch guilty of the fatal shooting of
a 36-year-old border guard at Brusio on the Swiss-Italian border in 1989.

The presiding judge, Hans Mathys, said that all the evidence pointed to the
fact that Camenisch was responsible for the border guard's murder.

"It was a senseless and blatantly selfish act and we had to take into account the unscrupulous nature [of the crime]," said Mathys.

The court also ordered that he pay the guard's wife and child compensation
of SFr100,000 ($80,200).

But Camenisch was cleared of attempting to murder a prison officer when he -
along with several others - escaped from Regensdorf jail in 1981.

In the ensuing chase one guard was killed and another was wounded. One of
the other escapees was judged to have fired the fatal shots.


The verdict will come as a blow to Camenisch, who had denied both charges
during the three-week trial. His legal team, led by Bernard Rambert, had
been seeking an acquittal on both counts.

"He was found not guilty in the Regensdorf case, but it's only a pyrrhic
victory," said Rambert, who vowed to appeal against the sentence.

The 17-year sentence for murder was less than the life imprisonment demanded
by the prosecution team.

But the 52-year-old also faces the prospect of an additional eight years in
prison to serve out the remainder of the original ten-year sentence he was
handed down before breaking out of Regensdorf jail.

The trial has been marked by damaging testimony from witnesses and by
sporadic protests from Camenisch's supporters.

Camenisch was present for only part of the court
> > hearing and his testimony
> > was limited to three prepared written statements and a
> > "no comment" when
> > prosecutors sought to question him.
> >
> > Life on the run
> >
> > Camenisch, who comes from Campocologno in canton
> > GraubŁnden and is hailed by
> > some as an antiglobalisation hero, made a name for
> > himself during the late
> > 1970s and 1980s as a militant member of the
> > anti-nuclear power movement.
> >
> > He was jailed for ten years for bombing an electricity
> > facility at Bad Ragaz
> > in eastern Switzerland in 1979, a sentence considered
> > excessive at the time.
> >
> > But he escaped from prison, along with five others,
> > two years later.
> >
> > It was during this breakout that a prison guard was
> > killed and another was
> > seriously wounded.
> >
> > The border guard murder also dates from the period
> > when Camenisch was on the
> > run.
> >
> > During the trial he stood accused of firing several
> > shots at the victim, who
> > was approaching him to ask for his identity papers.
> >
> > Bomb attacks
> >
> > The Italian authorities finally arrested Camenisch in
> > November 1991 after a
> > shoot-out near the town of Massa in Tuscany. Camenisch
> > and a policeman were
> > wounded.
> >
> > He was charged with causing bodily harm and carrying
> > out a number of bomb
> > attacks on power lines in Tuscany between 1989 and
> > 1991. An Italian court
> > sentenced him to 12 years in prison.
> >
> > Camenisch was extradited to Switzerland in spring 2002
> > at the request of the
> > Swiss authorities to serve the remaining eight years
> > and 22 days of his 1979
> > sentence. A suspended investigation into his
> > activities was then reopened.
> >
> > Isobel Leybold
> >
> > source: swissinfo 4/6/2004