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The Daily Poetry Movement

Good day, my sweet kittens. How I yawn and lick my chops on this day. I am givin to lazy smiles, good food, and breathless love. You make me feel like shouting with joy. You are wonderful. Every day wonderful. Ah you beauties in Moscow, you resisters in London, you who marched upon Mexcico City, you make me want to throw roses. I love you, my sweet KittenCats.
eight hours plus

eight hours plus
rushing ta beat time
running breathless ta be on time
I knocked you down almost
killing my self and we had
no time
to lament or laugh
or damn each other
or be dead together...
be dead, yes
because tha cost of living is more
than we can afford but of course
it is not our right to die
before debts be paid
so we gotta keep running
before big ben ticks us out of a job
for they purchased our energy
and we must make certain
we remain sold...
so yes run
keep running keep running must run
'til the energy that was ours
be their property completely
'til they've murdered us

from it begins softly, Women for Racial and Economic Equality, 1980
Meridel LeSueur says of Bernardine's poems in the introduction, "Unique here as subject for poetry is a sense of our bodies, a woman worker being sold on the auction block of wage labor by the pound by the hour, her beauty and longing for space and time to live, sold in the meatmarkets of the world, bartered, exploited, sterilized by the world hunters sharpening their teeth."