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Walking on the path of the vanguard

This was a great event: to hear the words of the leader who speaks to
us with the truth, who takes things apart with such a clear analysis, who
teaches us with a science that advances our understanding." So it was
described by an organizer of the May Day showing of the video clip.
Walking on the Path of the Vanguard&quot;</h3>
<h3>Viewing Chairman Avakian's speech in the heart of the barrio</h3>
<p class="issueinfo"><em>Revolutionary Worker #1243, June 13, 2004</em>, <a href=" http://rwor.org">posted
at  http://rwor.org</a></p>
<p>&quot;This was a great event: to hear the words of the leader who speaks to
us with the truth, who takes things apart with such a clear analysis, who
teaches us with a science that advances our understanding.&quot; So it was
described by an organizer of the May Day showing of the video clip.</p>
<p>On May 1st, in a restaurant in the Pico-Union section of Los Angeles, a group
of a dozen Latino proletarians and others gathered to watch the video clip of
the historic speech by Chairman Avakian, &quot;Revolution: Why It's Necessary,
Why It's Possible, What It's All About.&quot; The event was sponsored by Libros
Revolución. There were immigrants from Mexico and Central America, some of whom
heard about it at the earlier Immigrant Workers March. There were revolutionary
communists and members of La Resistencia. One woman makes a living as a street
vendor, and stayed up the night before to study the speech excerpt that was in
the <i>Obrero Revolucionario</i> . An African American nurse who attended was
thrilled by the multi-national gathering.</p>
<p>After the clip was over, an immigrant woman from Mexico rose to her feet and
spoke from her heart: &quot;When was I ever going to meet up with an analysis
that made me feel sane and whole? The things you think and feel weigh on your
heart because you can't understand: Why do we live in such desperation, without
any real reason for the fact that no matter how hard you work, you don't have
enough money to survive? You just can't understand why they're fighting this
senseless war, where they're killing innocent people - for what?</p>
<p>&quot;It's here that I can understand and express things. It's this leader
and this newspaper that gives me the courage to express things that I'm drowning
in. It makes me feel that, yes! we can unite and struggle to seize power and
bring about change.&quot;</p>
<p>An immigrant man from Mexico spoke of the struggle he had with his friend to
win him over to come. He almost didn't come because he felt he had nothing to
say and that if he were asked a question he wouldn't be able to respond. The man
continued, &quot;In this system the common people have no right to speak or have
opinions. Supposedly we don't have the intellect to study science. Science is
only for the higher classes to own and to use. This leader gives the ability to
understand that science is not something unreachable. Like he says, we shouldn't
be afraid to use this science and it's important to understand that we have the
ability and the right to do it. The people need this so much!&quot;</p>
<p>Another immigrant woman rose to her feet, struggling to control the emotion
in her voice: &quot;I'm feeling a great emotion, like I feel like I want to cry:
to be able to analyze and understand things like, `What is monopoly?' These are
words that have to do with a science and yes, we can understand, use and analyze
them. When has anyone given us, the ones on the bottom, the chance to
understand, analyze and participate in a debate like this? To be able to break
things down with a correct understanding fills us with confidence and courage,
so that today and even right now we are walking on the path of the vanguard,
doing something brand new, something that belongs to the future.&quot;</p>
<p>Can you hear them? The voices of those forced into the shadows--they long for
a leader who can show them the reason for their stolen lives and a path to
liberation. When the conscious proletariat hears Bob Avakian they can recognize
that he is rare and unique and irreplaceable. Who could argue then that they
would not embrace this leader who links their lives to their historic mission to
bring about a communist future? Who would call on them to fight for anything
less than the liberation of humankind?</p>
<p>Listen... they're playing our song. Can you hear it? &quot;The Internationale.&quot;...
&quot;We have been naught, WE SHALL BE ALL!...We must each one decide our duty,
we must decide and do it well...&quot;</p>
<p><a href=" http://www.rwor.org/a/1238/introbaspeech.htm">Revolution: why its
necessary, why its possible what its all about </a></p>
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i thought this was supposed to be some kind of joke 12.Jun.2004 20:11

until i got to the end and it wasn't

"Science" doesn't come from "the leader."

Science is a general term for a kind of academic activity practiced by a very large group of approximately equal people, organized into completely independent laboratories, publicly attempting to duplicate each other's published experimental work and thus to either confirm or disprove each other's conclusions.

"Science" as a synonym for "the teachings of our beloved leader" is a degenerate usage dating from the 19th century, when the word referred to a new and exciting idea that most people were hearing about for the first time but didn't really know what it meant.

"Christian Science" (the church) took its name at about the same time, for the same reasons. It was just the hip buzzword of the moment -- a hundred-odd years ago.

Looks like somebody hasn't re-examined their assumptions in a REALLY LONG TIME.

The Leader 13.Jun.2004 19:46


The leader who can answer all your questions is Jesus Christ.