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Latin American Poem on Regan: "Obituary with Cheers"

From: "Louise B. Popkin"
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2004 9:43 AM

Reagan's obituary, as written from the perspective of the many victims of his policies.

A quick, loose translation (no attempt at sounding poetic, I'm after as much meaning as I can manage to transmit, given that Benedetti puns a lot, not necessarily in obvious ways):
"Obituary with Cheers"

Come on, let's celebrate
everyone's invited
the innocent
all the victims
those who cry out at night
and dream by day
and bear the burden of their bodies
and harbor ghosts
and walk barefoot
and blaspheme and burnthe frozen poor
those who love someone
and never forget
come on, let's celebrate
everyone's invited
the villain is dead
the fiend is gone
the rotten thief
he's gone for good
everyone's invited
come on, it's time to celebrate
not to say
that death
wipes the slate clean
purifies everything/on any given day
erases nothing
we've still got scars
the scoundrel is dead
it's time to celebrate
not to grieve out of habit
let his counterparts do the weeping
and waste their tears
the monstrous magnate is gone
he's gone for good
it's time to celebrate/not to tone it down
remember, not just anyone has died
it's time to celebrate
not to soften up/don't forget this dead man
was a real S.O.B.

('de mierda', literally 'shitty, crappy' is
often used to mean 'insignificant' as well, thus,
is an ironic swipe not just at what Reagan stood
for and did but also, at all the pomp,
circumstance and crocodile tears surrounding his

Fecha: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 10:25:49 -0400

A Ronald Reagan


Vamos a festejarlo
vengan todos
los inocentes
los damnificados
los que gritan de noche
los que sueñan de dia
los que sufren el cuerpo
los que alojan fantasmas
los que pisan descalzos
los que blasfeman y arden
los pobres congelados
los que quieren a alguien
los que nunca se olvidan
vamos a festejarlo
vengan todos
el crápula se ha muerto
se acabó el alma negra
el ládron
el cochino
se acabó para siempre
que vengan todos
vamos a festejarlo
a no decir
la muerte
siempre lo borra todo
todo lo purifica
cualquier día
la muerte
no borra nada
siempre las cicatrices
murió el cretino
vamos a festejarlo
a no llorar de vicio
que lloren sus iguales
y se traguen sus lágrimas
se acabó el monstruo prócer
se acabó para siempre
vamos a festejarlo
a no ponermos tibios
a no creer que éste
es un muerto cualquiera
vamos a festejarlo
a no volvermos flojos
a no olvidar que éste
es un muerto de mierda

Mario Benedetti
about benedetti's poem 09.Aug.2004 09:44

nazgul tuxuslx@netscape.net

the poetry must be clear and humanist...Benedetti show his vision about this person (Ronald Regan)... the poet is a person who has a global view about the reallity... the real life where the people die and the goverment are the worse criminals... I like a poet think this... poetry is not just a romantic song or text... poetry is a photocopy based on the real life...