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Watch out for these specific cops (PRINTABLE)

This is the police deck, AKA "Portland's Deck of Infamy." It is current and accurate, and shows photographs and information on many local police officers that are more dangerous than average PPB officers. Print this PDF out, cut them and play go fish, solitare or poker while learning valuable information that can keep you safe!

Click this link (above) and it will download the PDF (seven pages, front and back, color) of the cards. Easy to cut out, easy to print.

Take a few copies of the deck to hand out to some of our visitors this week, many people are here for the Rose Fest and unaware of the dangers presented by the local police force. Give a deck to any friends you have that you think are more at risk than others, and if you have children make them learn the faces of the most dangerous rogues.

anybody else just a little disturbed 12.Jun.2004 19:56

by the last part?

"... if you have children make them ..."

yes yes power-trip the little buggers

that's what they're there for, right?

Dunno about that being a problem 13.Jun.2004 11:19

Teddy Ruxpin (the lousy typist)

I don't have kids, but if I did I would want them to know who some of these cops were. I would also introduce them to some of the good cops in Portland (I do know some, they are good guys and gals) so they would know who they could run to if they have problems with folks like Kruger.

I wouldn't want them to be scared all the time, just aware of the problems we have here. Face it: some of our cops are dangerous, we just have to deal with that reality.

Is it a "power trip" to educate your child against predators? 13.Jun.2004 11:34


It is important to let children know that cops aren't always your friend, as a matter of fact, they often are NOT your friend. IS it a "power trip" to teach your child to avoid sexual predators and teach them to yell for help or talk about body parts that predators want to touch? In a proper Christian home where such naughty things are taboo, children often do not report sexual abuse, since simply reporting naughty things is... naughty. Fuck that.

Don't sweep unplesant facts under the rug with your child. Educate them. Let them see videos of what cops have done to peaceful protestors, and they will see cops much more accurately than most adults.

Sorry, but power corrupts, and cops have A LOT of power. And like most places, here in Portland there is virtually NO power to check or balance police power. So what do we have? An unarmed person of color killed every single year. Blind 80-year-olds beaten and tazed. Ten-month-old babies pepper-sprayed.

I used to like cops, but now I am an anti-cop 13.Jun.2004 22:10

fucked by the PoPo

In my teens I was volunteering for a charity benefit. I was working between the Embessy Suites in Tigard and Pumpkin Ridge golf course. Some Beaverton police officers were contracted for security and transportation during the two day benefit. I had the pleasure to ride along with a Beaverton police officer between locations. He was nice to me because I wasn't resisting arrest (sarcasticly). He told me a story about one time when he gave his car up to the next shift, the officer told him that that there was "shit" in the back seat, and he should go take care of it. He thought "shit" meant drugs. When he went out to his car to go get the "drugs", there was a big pile of dog shit from his police dog in the back seat. That was the only time I've ever sat in the front of police car. I've sat in the back three times, and also been falsely arrested three times.