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National Choice

Current national policies are undermining this country's wealth. I think everybody reading this would agree with this. Consider the following energy option and its ramifications.
Pull it out for life
Pull it out for life

Cost of solar power


10-40 thousand

Number of US Homes


117.6 million

Cost to nation

[$10,000 unit/ home][ 118,000,000 homes] = $1,180,000,000,000

That's 1.2 trillion dollars spent for power that last 20 to 25 years.

$500 per year per house for 20 years. About $42 per mo.

Current Comparative costs

Cost of Iraq War unclassified per year


$0.118 trillion


$0.205 trillion since 9/2001


At current unclassified rate of expense to nation or adding indirect losses
Every home in America could be Solar powered with photovoltaic system.

National Security is undermining national security.