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Irish Republican Socialist Party Solidarity With Jeff "Free" Luers

On the fifth anniversary of his incarceration, the international department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party sends greetings of the party's solidarity to American Prisoner of War Jeff "Free" Luers, his friends, and his comrades.
The sentenced handed down to Free for burning three SUVs at Romania
Chevrolet in Eugene, Oregon--22years and 8 months--is yet another reminder
of what the law in the United States is designed to protect; not human
liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but property. Free's real crime
wasn't the destruction of three oversized, petrol-guzzling automobiles,
it was daring to suggest that the health of the planet might be worth
more than private property.

There is something obviously missing in the story of Jeff Luers
confrontation with the law--justice. Justice is wholly lacking in the tale.
Instead there are a list of hypothetical rights guaranteed by the U.S.
constitution, each lined out in deference to the only right that only
matters within the American system of jurisprudence: the right to private

The IRSP is aware that Free has continued to follow the course of a
revolutionary since his incarceration, speaking out on the concerns of
political prisoners, prisoners in general, the environment, and issues
concerning the broader anarchist and activist communities and applauds him
for his continued activism.

To those struggling to win Free's release, the IRSP extend our
solidarity and encouragement. To all those struggling on behalf of the
environment, to ensure the survival of ourselves and all other species against
the inhuman degradation of the earth witnessed under the system of
capitalism, we extend our solidarity as well.

We must rid the world of the capitalist system, which sacrifices
everything on the altar of profit and replace it with a system which puts
human needs--including the need to have unpolluted land, sea, and air, a
preserved ozone layer, no excess of greenhouse gases, and the
biodiversity necessary to the survival of humankind, and comrades, there is no
time like the present.

Peter Urban
International Department Secretary
Irish Republican Socialist Party