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New Messiah crowned in US Senate Building

The Reverend Sun Yung Moon has apparently been coronated the new Messiah in one of our own Senate office buildings.
Washington's new Messiah
Washington's new Messiah
The gadflyer, June 09 2004 reports of a strange uncomfortable ceremony that took place in our nation's capitol in March of this year. Sun Yung Moon was coronated as the Messiah!! Joy to all!!
How does such a bizarre thing happen? It's just another example of deep politics.
Washington and media insiders are drowning in Moon's money, so they had to grit their teeth and go on with the show:
The intrepid John Gorenfeld has captured stills of the ceremony, probably done at taxpayer expense, on his website: Where in Washington is Sun Yung Moon?

If that's not enough for you, look at more pictures from one of Moon's many websites: A stately ceremony.

especially this picture: Regal!
Doesn't that warm your heart? (Hi, congressman!)

A Washington Post gossip columnist even acknowledged the event by posting a (cropped) picture of it on their website. (scroll down on that page)
My favorite quote from the "True Father" is:
Do you like the smell of your husband's semen? Answer to Father. Does it smell good or bad? You may not like the smell of your wife's stool, but do you smell your own? Why don't you smell your own but you smell your wife's? Because you are not totally one.

from Gorenfeld's Blog

If you think about this, Washington has a new Messiah!

And that just shows how disgusting and perverse things are.
He owns the hard-right Washington times (as well documented in David Brock's book [i]Blinded By the Right[/i]), he slathers money all over the right wing, George Bush (sr) does speeches for him, and the blog above is about his little galavants around Washington.
But try this:
Go to http://cnn.com and search for 'sung myung moon'. They only cover stories about him outside the US, same goes for NYT.
*Except* when he does one of his mass weddings, he's on total media blackout.

But wait, how does Moon get new followers in the US if he's only working outside the US? Well, for one, if you read this article by an ex-moonie, you'll know that he and Bush share the goal of abstinence education for children and in the article they're using Moonie films in US schools.
Do you think Sun Myung Moon qualifies as a faith-based group?

google 'sun myung moon washington times' for news about Moon acting in the US, because there's plenty there. Infiltrating churches, spreading his network far and wide.

But wait, there's more!

Remember this story from the Earth-based New Yorker? That's right, a moonie shill is a frequent source for all that crap that Rush, O'Reilly and those other idiots spew. Moon is re-educating the Christians.

Should someone tell congress that we don't do coronations?

That it's actually unconstitutional?

Should someone tell the Christian coalition about their new messiah?

It's time for Moongate!

to you from 12.Jun.2004 07:47


thanks for the post

Thanks, we will expose this. 12.Jun.2004 08:16

john g

I really want this to spread through the Web like the Trent Lott story did. Everyone, liberal and conservative, should be able to agree that this governmental corruption is completely perverse and out of control.

Can my opinion of Congress get any lower? 12.Jun.2004 09:29

I am afraid the answer is yes

And I thought, after the revelations of the Bush crime family and their occultic practices, that my opinion of Government couldn't get any lower. You have proven me wrong. Thanks for the perspective on the faith based initiative, just as phoney and corrupt as the "Leave No Child Behind" scam.
Make no mistake about it our "occupied government" is the laughing stock of the world. Kind of reminds me of the film clips of the former Soviet Republic's local television shows and how over the top ridiculous they were, if only we knew then that the joke was on us.

If we can cause the story to spread 12.Jun.2004 11:04


If we can force the lame ass corporate media to not treat us like children and pretend the Moonies aren't here (like assassinations never happen here, like America never commits warcrimes, like Bush et. al never lie), this story, broken, would force change. Send to everyone you know, every honest journalist you've ever read, every high traffic blog online. Every christian.

Insanity is upon us 12.Jun.2004 11:31


Ok this is the last straw. I have my guns, I have my morals, and if any arm of this corporate dictatorship asks me to do anything that does not go along with decency and morality I will disobey. I may die in the process, but at the moment that does not matter. I will die a free and honest man.

idiot leftwing extremists 12.Jun.2004 11:41

I hate liberals

Ok this is the last straw. I have my guns, I have my morals, and if any arm of this corporate dictatorship asks me to do anything that does not go along with decency and morality I will disobey. I may die in the process, but at the moment that does not matter. I will die a free and honest man. You ass-clowns are absolutely hilarious.

to the troll 12.Jun.2004 12:13


your hate makes you ridiculous, and your paycheck to come here and hate is even more odious. If you do this for free, you are truly a person possessed worthy of pity.


ELLANIOS 12.Jun.2004 12:24


This is it people. The Sino-Mongolic plans for their Armageddon are at hand. It is about time that they showed their faces behind the clouds of Zion. DO NOT OBEY ANY ORDERS THEY ISSUE TO CREATE WARS, FOR THIS WILL BE THE END OF US.

islamic view 12.Jun.2004 13:07

just an ordinary moslem

well, it show how false a nation can be; even an AMERICA could be the worse satan if you let satan lead you !!! through Islamic view, sun moonie can be categorized as the same as the people who had place him so : as a new messiah? no, but he isn't so ! HE IS DAJJAL ! and the people around him is his follower; dajjal is a big lier that fulfill the world with cries,sadness and war. that is including the sign of The End of The day is close enough !!! be ware, this is not a joke, and it wouldnt be so funny anymore when you realize what Allah has prepare for people like your president ............. !

We are warned for this 13.Jun.2004 02:18


He guys/galls, Its just all part of the show:

Matthew 24:24

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

canNOT blame this on Bin Laden 13.Jun.2004 03:54

James americaneye2000@yahoo.com

what is going on in America?
First the Jews run our economy,now the koreans our religion.
Jews tell us what our bible and our movies should show (Passion of the Christ) and Koreans becoming messiahs!
do i move country or do i kick these fools out?

BAG OVER HEAD ! 13.Jun.2004 06:55

Frank Sarroco frs13@hotmail.com

This story will generate absolutely NO reacion among our fellow Americans who seem to be quite happy wearing that bag over their head that is required to live in 21st century U.S.A.

Fucking Insanity 13.Jun.2004 07:00

Truly Had

Okay, That's it! You people are fucking nuts! I cannot believe what comes out of the North American Continent. What a lot of us here in the orient have now confirmed beyond doubt is, you Americans belong in an insane asylum if your not already confined in one of your own making. Your spreading your virus of vapid stupidity and inane nonsense and if you don't get your act together my billion plus friends from China are going to make rapid moves to put you out of your sorry ass misery I shit you not. You people haven't got a clue do you, not a goddamn clue. My compliments to the Rev and Mrs, Moon for the royal fuck they gave you at the hands of Imperial Britain...

James, Frank, and concerned others 13.Jun.2004 11:03


Put the word out. The author of blog above is starting a meetup.com group to make the influence of this cultist on American opinion manufacture and politics known to the mainstream. This is going to be a non-partisan effort to make mainstream media acknowledge the depth of this relationship. I will announce this group here when it has been formed.

James the 'Patriot' 13.Jun.2004 17:50


"what is going on in America?
First the Jews run our economy,now the koreans our religion.
Jews tell us what our bible and our movies should show (Passion of the Christ) and Koreans becoming messiahs!
do i move country or do i kick these fools out?

Hmmmm - hey James, your Hate-triotism is something Adolf Hitler would have been proud of.
I am guessing you are an American of European descent - And of course Europeans have done NOTHING to fuck up the world.
Take a look in the mirror - your little black moustache should be growing in just fine.

"When the Moon hits your eye..." 14.Jun.2004 00:20


I found this article via a link from Democratic Underground. I've been reading through the links..it's taken some time; I'm still not completely done.
I've known about the Cult of the Moonies for years. I've known that they spend gobs of money all around the world for their twisted agenda. I know that many mainline Christians don't subscribe to his cultic philosophy, however, some may not know how closely these Moonies actually are to our governement and should be put on notice.

In all honesty though, I didn't see anything in this piece that actually SAID this was a crowning of a messiah. It looks like a stupid Peace conference. I say stupid because it's the moonies running it so that negates it's legitimacy. I realize 'ole Sun THINKS he's the messiah and wants his adherents to believe that and says so in HIS private articles, but really, I didn't see anything like that in this piece before us here. I just want to be fair and not get hysterical. There's plenty to get hysterical about with this administration without beefing up something that isn't really happening.

Please, if I've missed something, point it out to me so I can be better informed.

PS: As for the Islamic fellow who posted his/her feelings here, I mostly agree that our leader might not be going where he thinks he's going when he leaves this world. As for the Red Neck and the so-called Chinese who posted: BITE ME.

Just Another Day in Paradise 14.Jun.2004 00:56

God of Money


So he's the Messiah.

The Messiah of what?

I haven't seen him raise the dead.

Not even water to wine.

Why, I bet he can't even heal the sick.

Now, if he's the Messiah, he's got to be supernatural, or supra-natural.

So before you idiots go and have get your panties all in a wad, please have Mr. Messiah Man undo the Patriot Act.

Because it looks like its going to take an act of God, that's for sure.

Agog, 14.Jun.2004 01:47


What I really think is significant about this story is that the guy wearing the crown there is the voice behind the constant din of the right wing lie machine. (He owns several media companies if you follow the links) If you watch the video of the ceremony, it gets super creepy and he calls himself the "King of Kings". Other people make messianic references to him too.
The gist is, if this can be forced into some daylight people will see the incredible hypocrasy presented. The self-proclaimed messiah providing the ideological thrust behind the so-called "Christian" right. Plus he's a dangerous convicted criminal and cult-leader being courted by congressmen and taking advantage of the faith-based initiatives. All, of course as payoff for 'legitimizing' the message of the right-wing lie factory. (All his media companies lose money)
Watch the video and capture it if you can and try to figure out ways to expand the audience.  http://iifwp.org/media/media_crownofpeace.php

This took place in a US Senate building, and nobody bothered to tell us. We're just not important enough to know who the players are.
It's a chink in the media armor, for sure.

History of Moonies 14.Jun.2004 04:14

Truly Had

If anyone is seriously in need of an intellectual transfusion I would highly suggest you begin gathering a little background on the "Moon cult" beginning with Jeffery Steinberg's research that can be accessed through larouchepub.com, and despite what you think you know and what you probably don't know about Lyndon Larouche, he is running for president as a democrat and if there is anythng in the world the Chaney "synchranists" want more than anything, its Larouche dead or simply out of the way.

This "Moon" cult just didn't suddenly appear without the resources and support of some pretty powerful and influential people that go back many years even before the Rev. Sung Yung Moon made his appearance in Korea. The origins began in Britain and has morphed into what you see now, a freak show where people I know have given everything they have, physical possessions, money and their lives to this insanity.

I wish you well.

Much more to this... 14.Jun.2004 09:45

A "timely" friend neilldude@hotmail.com

As with all events of recent years, the timing of occurrences appears to reveal a pattern that is very important to cults and secret societies that control and manipulate formations such as government and their media outlets. This "coronation" fits this scheme very well.

June 12 (6-12) reveals the reverse code of 216, which throughout all ancient cultures within their most "inner sanctums" of mystical teachings is the most revered code. From the Jewish Kabbalists, who assign this number to the "unpronouncable name of God"; to being an instrumental calculation tool used in the construction of ancient sites as Stonehenge and Avebury in the UK, and the ancient Buddhist site in Jakarta, to name a few.

To all those that hold the "Left Behind" Christian books dear, you'll find this code there too...I haven't read it yet, but I've no doubt that "the Davinci Code" best seller will have references to numerological codes such as this. Also the first evr 9-11 call was made on 2-16-1968, my birthday!

216 is the product of the much (very much!) misunderstood 666 code in the Bible. Also reveals the "revelatory truth" of revelations concerning the 144,000. It is also used here in this case by Moon and his conspirators in a feeble attempt to "hijack" the relevance of this date, these people very much "do things by the numbers" a tradition that we can trace as far back, at least to the ancient mystery schools of Alexandria.

June 12th (612) is 248 days before 216 (February 16th) nothing unusual here, except for the INITIATED that is, 248 days=9.11 lunar orbits, where a lunar orbit=27.32166 days. If this is just an uncomfortable coincidence for you, think of this: Dec 12 2000 US Supreme Court overturns Florida Courts regarding vote counting. 0.911 lunar orbits later on 6 Jan 2001 Bush is appointed Pres. being officially recognised by the Senate at 2:48pm. 248 days later is that awful day of Sep 11th 2001 (9-11 of course, the time between Bush being appointed, and WTC disaster is 9.11 lunar orbits) There's more...

Tribute of Light at the WTC site concluded 216 days after Sep 11th 2001, on April 14th 2002. Time between the Saddam statue being toppled in the staged media event in Baghdad and the staged capture of Saddam, you guessed it 9.11 lunar orbits (248 days)

Maybe you're already aware of the time difference between 9-11-2001 and 3-11-2004 is 911 days=33.3 lunar orbits ( another important code for occultists) Here we gat back to 6-12-2004, which is 91 days following March 11th when Spain was targetted, which rebeals again the all important timing codes, here being 3.33 lunar orbits later.

When you take into account the theme of this event involving Moon as being the Messiah, the timing of this, and the occult signature being displayed with it's implications for the religious who believe in anti-christ and christ predictions, a greater play becomes visible.

Oops! 14.Jun.2004 10:08

"maybe not so...timely friend"

Ok, got the date of the ceremony wrong...but nevertheless, the pattern revealed is worthy of note.

same story 14.Jun.2004 18:05

now on

 http://worldnetdaily.com/ - from a different author.
spread the story.

Thanks Moongate 14.Jun.2004 19:25


I will continue to follow this. As I mentioned before, I've read much about how these people are working with and around and inspite of the religious groups that support the RW here in America. If I only had a photographic memory I could give you the links to where I've read so much, in terms of warnings, about these whack job moonies.

I will pass along any and all info I find to those that need to know before they buy the lies, hook, line and sinker.

It is especially worrisome that these people have spread around so much money to "buy" allegiance etc. Money sure is "God" isn't it.

As I read on after my post, I found where Tim LaHaye got into hot water for sending a note of praise (paraphrased by me) to S.M.M (Ha) That's a keeper. In the past I read about Pat Robertson's connections with the moonies...there's so much and it ain't good.

I gotta tell ya, I am a reformed evangelical.........I jumped that ship a while back but I'm in the ideal position (tee hee) of talking to folks like those about this connection between the cult of Moon and our government ie: their "blessed President"....muahahahahaahah
So, I go now to read the other posts and links put here since I last visited. I'll be back later. Peace, Freedom, and Sanity in our time.....

PS: I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at 'God of Money' when he/she said the "Messiah Moonie" needs to turn back the Patriot Act, as his 'Act of God'....great line...lol

More Moonie info and links.... 14.Jun.2004 20:27


I dug this out. Has some interesting data and a few tasty links. Judge for yourself.


Direct link to WorldNetDaily article 15.Jun.2004 08:33


LaRouche 16.Jun.2004 17:08

John Gorenfeld

My rule is to avoid all LaRouche sources on Moon, where he starts trying to link him to H.G. Wells and the "Unification of the Sciences" and a lot of mystical, unproven hooey that isn't necessary. Moon is not a "gnostic" -- Philip K. Dick is a "gnostic." We don't know whether Moon operates some sort of sex blackmail scheme, and while I haven't ruled it out, LaRouche has not revealed his sources on this, as far as I know.

In the '80s, both LaRouche and Moon led bizarre groups that tried to influence Reagan's Star Wars policy. Moon had a much better time staying in power. The New Republic wrote, "Since 198--, a lunatic movement has been trying to influence national policy -- they succeeded," to paraphrase. They were talking about LaRouche but it would be an apt description for the Moon organization.

Ideas have consequences 16.Jun.2004 21:13

Truly Had

Unless you have your own ideas you will be at the mercy of those that do and Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells certainly have proven their ideas on how to synthasize a religious cultic movement which spawned the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and "his" movement. Americans, who are intelligent people, are certainly not critical thinkers and the previous comments do not suggest otherwise, which explains why so many vulnerable and naive people succumbed to the Moon cult.

Most cannot stay focused, particularly Americans except when it comes to money, so stay with me. According to the research of Larry Hecht, Moon was synthesized out of two operations previously designed by Wells and Russell, the Moral Re-Armament Movement founded at a 1921 meeting where the two British delegates were Lord Arthur Balfour and H.G. Wells. The entire environment surrounding Moon's Korean ministry was under the control of Moral Re-Armament when Moon was given selective treatment. The other was the Unity of the Sciences founded under the supervision of Lord Bertrand Russell and John Dewey. So big deal you say, well to most it is no big deal, at least to the non-critically thinking, but when you anylize who attended this meeting which included the Trotskyyite academics Albert Wohlstetter (mentor of current Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Richard Perle), Sidney Hook, and Ernest Nagel, with members of the radical-positivist Vienna Circle events become clear and dilineating. These people along with Robert M. Hutchins at the University of Chicago in the 1950's took over the teaching of science in America. Their ideas in science are some of the most obsurd and radical to have ever been presented to a witting public. Moon was given the Unity of Sciences franchise in 1972.

This is not all simply "mystical, unproven hooey that isn't neceassary" and to view it in this light is precisely why so many Americans have come under the spell of "occultic esoteric manipulation" which always appeals to man's idealist and latent feelings of benevolence - that is the terror my friends so be forwarned.

As far as "Moon not being a gnostic" I would concur because he himself didn't write the foundational philosophy nor did he have the intellectual capacity to undertake something as intense. Who knows where it was written but whoever wrote it had access to a long history of esoteric fundamentals related to numbers which the initiated probably adapted from John Dee, Giordano Camillo, Robert Fludd or Ramon Lull. Read Moon's foundational book entitled God's Will and the World and then compare the esoteric meaning of numerical underpinnings to M. MacGregor Mathers' The Kabbalah Unveiled and you will see clearly numerology at work on the human psysche paralyzing normal intelligent rational thinking.

LaRouche as a "lunatic movement." Sorry, I just don't have any energy left to even consider this comment especially if it came from The New Republic.

My sincere advise to those looking for answers is to follow the advice of Carducci in his Idillio maremmano, "Better to work and forget and not delve too deeply into the vast mystery of the universe!" Either that or go back to your sports on TV to further sedate your already paralyzed minds.

Goofy 17.Jun.2004 00:38

John Gorenfeld

I liked The Time Machine and it hasn't stopped me from doing more than anyone to expose Reverend Moon. This occult trip you're on is really goofy.

Yes, I'm "Goofy" 17.Jun.2004 05:16

Truly Had

Yes, I'm goofy, I admit it. I'm off on some fantasy delusional experience here, a "trip" entertaining my own strange interpretation of events related to the Moonies. When I met Col. Bo Hi Pak, second in command of the Unification Church, at the Chrystal Hyatt in Washington, D.C. in 1989, its too bad you weren't with me during the conversation, your opinions and especially your understanding would be radically different.

Ya, right, The Time Machine, Wells' 1895 vision of the British oligarchy's idea of a utopia, the working classes have evolved (Huxley-style) into hairy, muscular, ground-hugging creatures, known as Morlochs, who do the production for society in underground mills while the upper classes, known as the Eloi, live their effete, airy existence on the surface above. The paradox is all too prevelent between the radicalism that destroyed the principle technological driver of the 1960s U.S. economy, the Werner Von Braun-conceived Moon-Mars colonization program and the current and subsequent credit card based consumer society at the top of which sit the now-shrinking number of idle rich in the advanced-sector nations. Ah yes, the Moonies to the rescue perfectly timed for the 1960s assault on America. Huxley, Wells and Russell, in their insipient hate of all things American must be laughing their asses off in the grave.

Mark Twain wrote once, "The British are mentioned in the bible: and the meek shall inherit the earth." He wrote that long before H.G. Wells, in his Experiments in Autobiography wrote, "It is just that unwillingness to think evil, ...that may presently erase the British from the scroll of living significant peoples." Lyndon LaRouche wrote a paper entitled "How Bertrand Russell Became an Evil Man: Reflections Upon Tragedy and Hope." A precise and focused historical-philosophical treatment of these issues and was his first major work after emerging from a five-year imprisonment arranged by friends of Henry Kissinger.

Well, back to my goofy ideas about the occult.

Tonight, June 23, 2004 23.Jun.2004 17:17


John Gorenfeld is going to be on ABC's 20/20 with the Moon coronation story!

A New Messiah Cronwned in a Us Senate Building 24.Jun.2004 08:25

Aleph Peres AlephTs@hotmail.com

That is very hard to swallowed, The bible and the promised of a messiah is not korean chinese or Indian.
It is a promised made to Jews, the Messiah was Yesshuah The Messiah (Jesus)who died and resurrected 2000 years ago.
But right Before He was killed He prophecised that false messiahs would come.
This is just another fullfilment of those prophecies.
REV. Moon is Just a crook with a big ego.
Iam really angry at those Black senators who took part on this ceremony, and later said they didn't know they were partaking of this.
Highly illegal that a goverment building is used for a religious ceremony, where are the liberals that are always crying about separation of State and church ?

Or separation of State and religion only applies to Christian things ?
This is becoming a messep up nation.

RVD,Aleph Peres
Shalom Ministries International.
Miami Florida. 6/24/04

Just when I thought I heard it all? 24.Jun.2004 10:26


Just when I thought I heard it all!
Isn't this the guy who performs mass weddings? Now he thinks he is the Messiah?
Worse - there must be others who believe that too?
The Bible says that the Messiah comes from the House of David. He will arrive on the Mount of Olives in Israel and not in the US Senate Building!!!

When all this will end??? 25.Jun.2004 04:54

Someone Tired


WHEN will people stop believing all that religious/superstitious nonsense???

Are humans THAT afraid of living, that they need someone to tell them what to do, and more dangerously, to think?

To hell (lol) with sects, cults and religion!

what a crock 25.Jun.2004 22:39

spiritwinds demar

just when I thought I had heard it all. what a crock of chit! Whoever believes these nutcase that this fool be the messiah is surely as wacked as man who claims to be Messiah. God help us all!

I fail to see the difference 06.Jul.2004 00:49


"Plus he's a dangerous convicted criminal and cult-leader being courted by congressmen and taking advantage of the faith-based initiatives."

Are we talking about Moon or the Pope? Ya see, rumor has it that JP II, (that's John Paul the Second for all you mentally challenged out there) before his "conversion" worked for a Polish firm supplying Zyclon B for the Catholic Fascists of Germany during "the big one". Wonder why the Vatican set up the "rat lines" for escaping Nazis to South America? Wonder why Rheinhard Ghellen, Hitler's chief intel officer, was brought into the U.S. to sure up another office created by Roman Catholic "Will Bill" Donovan, the OSS, which after "the big one" changed it's name to the CIA? Wonder why the Catholic Kennedy was going to break the Roman Catholic Fascist CIA into "a thousand pieces". Last time I checked, that President of the USA is now pushing daisies, and was killed by Roman Catholic mobster Jack Ruby, which was in turn killed himself. Wonder why Martin Luther was ex-communicated for printing the Bible in Native Languages while Hitler on his mad plan to Fascize the Earth wasn't and hasn't been to this day. Or Mussolini, or Franco, or Ivan the Terrible for that matter. Ya don't know what you're fighting, so how in the HELL do you think you're going to get "the victory"? Lost sheep. VERY lost sheep. Do yourselves a favor....burn your "SS Cards", reject the US Government because it's ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT BEYOND ALL REPAIR SHORT OF VIOLENT REVOLUTION/WARFARE IN THE US. The Government CAN'T EVEN SPELL CONSTITUTION, much less FOLLOW IT. Hell, they can't even "interpret" it, even though the damned thing is written IN PLAIN ENGLISH. How STUPID are you people going to be? George W. Bush is a member of the secret polital society Skull and Bones, John Kerry (real name John Kohn) is too. ARE YOU PEOPLE SO FUCKING STUPID that you would even entertain the idea of electing EITHER of them? George W. Bush is a VERIFIABLE WAR CRIMINAL, and John Kohn is as DUPLICITOUS as they fucking come. IF you people elect either of them, I'm going to have a GOD DAMNED FIELD DAY with a few million of you IDIOTS. You give the government A FEW clearly enumerated powers and it has GONE RIGHT STRAIGHT TO THEIR HEADS. They COMPLETELY DISREGARD the Constitution and now they are DRUNK with power and DANGEROUS to the rest of the WHOLE EARTH. They will OUTRIGHT LIE to you and demand you go to war FOR THEIR LIES, sacrificing YOUR family FOR THEIR LIES, and then masquerade as some kinda GOD DAMNED LIBERATOR. The US Goverment has done a FUCKING WONDERFUL JOB of creating people who absolutely HATE the US Government - BECAUSE it's SO FUCKING CORRUPT. So many UNADULTERATED IDIOTS, what to do with them all..... And I do mean I D I O T S - SEVERE BRAIN DAMAGE.

Typical Liberal Idiots. 08.Jul.2004 16:24


You guys are once again proving your stupidity. You actually think the religious right is going to give this guy a crown? What this is is typical Democatic ass kissing to every fringe group that might throw them some votes. This wasn't even a Republican shindig dorks. Democrats rely on the wierd and outcast for their votes, so they kiss everybody's ass.
By the way, I'm not a republican either; I think for myself.

right 08.Jul.2004 16:37


With rhetoric like "Typical Liberal Idiots" you've shown that you cannot think for yourself. You may as well be a democrat or republican.

I guess you don't know much about Moon. It is true that democrats and republicans attended this event, but it is no secret where Mr. Moon's loyalties lie. Maybe this will help:

The glittering event in the Senate's Dirksen building reflected Mr Moon's extraordinary influence in US politics. He owns the conservative newspaper the Washington Times and the US news agency United Press International.

His fiercely conservative attitudes towards homosexuality and pre-marital sex have won him the endorsement of leading Republicans, including the president's father, George Bush, and John Ashcroft, the attorney general, who participated in one of Mr Moon's "prayer luncheons" days before the president's inauguration in January 2001.

WHY BE SHOCKED at the news 19.Jul.2004 11:46

Frances, tampa,fl

The good lord tells us all this must come to past, Just keep your head up and keep pressing forward. for the ggod lord will deal with all men or women claiming to be the messiah. Just laugh and let it go. Just think god is right around the corner and we'll all go home. dont worry dont fret. god bless you all, and have mercy on us all especially those who will not turn from their ways.

Don't follow YOUR nose. 20.Jul.2004 06:41


Spoke with God about this. DANIEL 5:25-28 MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. God does not need me to come to his defense. God fights his own battles and mine. You are his enemy! I am just a messenger. Spoke with Jesus this morning. You can't control him, you can't pretend to be him, and you can't fool those who know him. His sheep hear his voice and they will not listen to another. You need ears and eyes. God smells you. God sits in the heavens and laughs at his enemies (you). What ? You think you can look in the mirror and see God? We're all made in his image, but we are all sinners. God provided a sacrifice, but who wants to follow THE HOLY ONES rules, right? Right wing ,left wing ,get under the shadow of HIS wings. There is one way into his Holy presence. God is holy. Much unholy talk and vulgarity, smelling semen and feces? What are you doing? Looking to the flesh to find God. The flesh is nothing more than his finger prints. You have not shamed the living God. He will spew you out. If you do not smell of the sons' blood you will not be accepted into his presence. He has to see the blood of Jesus instead of your sins. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin. The lamb of God said that if you would be great in his kingdom, you would be a servant. The good shepherd laid down his life for his sheep. Self reformation is inviting demons over for a party. Seven of them. Want peace? Ask Melchezadek for it. You can never give it, for it is something you do not own. Behold (LOOK)he cometh with clouds! Not clowns. This circus act will end soon enough. The main event isn't putting a crown on your head in secret. The main event took place when a stone was rolled away and Jesus christ Overcame death. (LISTEN) You can't buy understanding, the Holy Spirit has to give it to you. You must be born of the spirit, by your belief. Be born again. Can a man enter his mothers womb a second time? Silly. The wind bloweth where it willeth, the spirit is the same. Your money will perish. Can you buy eternal life, or give it to another? Can you cause the blinded eyes to see? Or cause the lame to walk? Even if you could create something as a sign to prove who you think you are. Ha! It wouldn't prove anything, for many shall come proclaiming to be the messiah, woa unto the generation that seeketh after a sign. Here's your sign. "What profit is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" I feel sorry for those who have been decieved and I pray that any of you reading this would accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Don't stay behind, come out of her! Be born again!

Not a laughing matter. 20.Jul.2004 18:23

K. Gordon Neufeld gordon_neufeld@hotmail.com

Although the idea of members of congress handing out crowns to foreign Messiahs may seem like the stuff of a skit on Saturday Night live, it is in fact a very serious matter in the minds of Sun Myung Moon and his followers. As a former member of Moon's Unification Church, I can assure you that doctrinally, this "coronation" is viewed as proof that Americans have accepted Moon "spiritually" as their King. Moon genuinely believes he deserves this honor, and furthermore, he believes that America would be a far better place if it tossed out its Constitution and made him an absolute monarch. This was certainly how I used to think of him when I was a member myself: to me then, he was the Messiah, the True Father, and the Lord of the Second Advent, so no matter what he said, it was absolutely informed by God's wisdom. Now, supposing all that was actually true, then I guess you can understand how a Moon follower might conclude that the best way for everybody to behave would be to be unquestioningly obedient to Moon. We would have welcomed him being made an absolute monarch, or failing that, making him the controlling hand behind the President and Congress. This was, in fact, how we imagined a "restored" or "purified" United States: it would be a nation in which the government was fastidiously loyal to Moon in every possible way. So in truth, though Rep. Davis dismissed the coronation as the equivalent of crowning the Homecoming Queen, it was in truth an act deeply subversive of the American government and its constitution. I was a follower of Sun Myung Moon for more than a decade, and if you'd like to learn more about what it was like for me to be a "Moonie" during those years, I suggest you read my book, Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon, A Cult Survivor's Memoir, which is available from Amazon.com. A sample of the book may be read by visiting my website at  http://www.moonbook.com.



this moon is a fake anti christ ;trade money for your cross,cmon this guy is clearly working 4 satan may christ;s vengance cum on him and so it shall

we were told 08.Sep.2004 07:03



666=moonies 12.Nov.2004 12:08

come into the light blessings_kimmy@yahoo.com

i just cant beleive its happening , right in front of our eyes . in this GENERATION!! it is here the antichrist; he is not christ which makes him antichrist . NWO , cult, dictation,lies,and the biggy that goes right along with the bible is that he wins people over with PEACE!!! OPEN YOUR EYES !! no longer at the door he is IN! there is a bibe code that i got off of TBN and it decodes that both rev.moon and his wife = 666!!!!! try it if you want you count in intervals with the alphabet like: A6 B12 C18 D24 E30 ECT. do it all the way through then take a name or a word and take each letter and find corresponding letter , right down then add total of all ...the whole name ect. try :NEW YORK, SON OF SIN, WITCHCRAFT, HOGWARTS "IN HARRY POTTERS BOOK IT IS HTE MAIN SCHOOL GOT WITCHCRAFT" COMPUTER THEN TRY SUN MYUNG MOON, AND HOW ABOUT HIS BELOVED WIFE'HAK JA HAN MOON. go ahaead , do it if your not faint of heart . ALL === 666!!!!!!!!!! everything is goin with the bible ..this is it ... look up for the redemtion is near . PRAY! PRAY! in God almighty we trust with love your sister mandy

Uh - reality check 29.Nov.2004 20:20


Get real. Jesus never existed. The bible is NOT history. There was no 'actual' resurrection. It was based on living myth - and people started saying it was real, the church got in on it and there was a great big power trip of corruption and greed tacked on... the Catholic church knows FOR A FACT that Jesus never actually existed. www.jesusneverexisted.com

So therefore, the US can name whoever the frig they want as messiah -- if they want some conservative cult leader as their messiah and that's what they want to spend taxpayer's money on and then say they're actually a Christian country and whatever else, they're just going to say and do it.

I mean, the voting system is so backward you have people calling each other sore losers when people want to verify that the vote was fair, but the fact is that people in the US do not each have a fair vote - one person, one vote, counted. So winning with dishonor is something that's going to happen. I predict that we will never see another government EXCEPT republican.

So all you liberals and rightwingers calling each other names - guess what? There's just us out here on this planet, stranded in a vast universe - so you'd better just face each other and work your shit out.

Number of the Beast 29.Nov.2004 20:33

Yeah right

Tried it, the number of Jesus Christ is 6 -- uh, the math here is not correct and will give out numbers that actually work out to sixes.

Have fun.

The Beast crowns its messiah! 07.Jan.2005 07:16

prophetofthenorth prophetofthenorth@yahoo.ca

I have been waiting for the beast-Amerika-to crown its messiah. Such spiritual wickedness is prevelant in the masonic congress-Satan sends his ppl dressed as Christs messengers to deceive the world. However, no matter what, ppl shall not be convinced and shall go on their sheepish ways and be cast out. The whole of christianity is a smorgasborg of evil-each competing to establish their faith as the one and only. See my web site for more info--  http://prophetofthenorth.exactpages.com

I'M FURIOUS!! 01.Mar.2007 20:59


This is purely absurd. I can't believe the Supreme Court used our tax dollars to pay for the crowning of a man, much less a foregin man as the Messiah!! As a Christian, I am offended the Supreme Court did not inform the people of this major and maybe historical event. Maybe it's just me, but isn't this something we, as Americans need to know?