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Anyone have info on cop recently convicted of rape?

Tactical Negotiation Team officer convicted of raping 14 year old girl, story seems to have vanished (or I could just be a quart low on brain matter)
Hey everybody, I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could provide any information on a story I saw in an early edition of the Oregonian this Friday. An officer in one of the local Tactical Negotiation Team police paramilitary units was convicted of raping a teenage girl at his home after getting her drunk. He's set to serve a whopping two years for it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a single trace of the story anywhere. I could practically kick myself for not saving the paper I found on the Max that I read it in. Since I'm fairly certain that I'm not completely nuts yet, it's got to be out there somewhere. Maybe I'm just overlooking some obvious area I haven't searched yet. Anyway, it'd be a big help if someone could get me a link to that story of any kind. I just can't figure out how it could have dropped off the radar so quick.

here it is 12.Jun.2004 14:41


 link to www.oregonlive.com

Former deputy gets two years in sex abuse of girl

Chris Patrick Bussard pleads guilty to sexually abusing a teen and must register as a sex offender

Friday, June 11, 2004

HILLSBORO -- A former deputy on the county's special weapons team was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl.

Chris Patrick Bussard, who was hired as a Washington County sheriff's deputy in 1989, must register as a sex offender for life and pay $25,000 into a trust fund for the victim's counseling and education.

"It doesn't matter if you are in the county sheriff's office or the governor's office, people do impose terribly on other people," Washington County Circuit Judge Michael J. McElligott said when he handed down the sentence.

"And when they do that, it has terrible consequences."

At the time of the abuse last fall, Bussard was member of the county's Tactical Negotiations Team, which responds to dangerous calls with heavy firepower and combatlike training. As a convicted felon, he will not be allowed to possess a firearm for the rest of his life.

He resigned from the sheriff's office shortly after his Oct. 22 arrest.

Bussard had been charged with 14 sex-related counts, including first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, Measure 11 crimes that could have sent him to prison for more than 20 years.

The incidents happened in a hot tub and in a bedroom at his house on Northwest Eighth Avenue Drive in Hillsboro early the morning of Sept. 28 during a party when he was off-duty.

Bussard, who has been in the Washington County Jail since violating his bail agreement in January, refused comment in court.

His attorney, Stephen A. Houze, said Bussard changed his plea to guilty because he accepted responsibility and was sorry.

For pleading to two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, which are not Measure 11 crimes, the district attorney's office dropped the other charges and agreed to a two-year sentence. The definition of second-degree sexual abuse indicates Bussard had sexual intercourse with the girl without her consent.

"It is important to understand Mr. Bussard, who has had a good background his whole life and was well-thought of in the profession and well-thought of in the community, was intoxicated and did something wrong," Houze said. "He will regret and pay for it the rest of his life."

However, the victim read a statement that accused Bussard of using "his power as a figure of authority to punish me for my imperfections."

The girl said Bussard had been violent and erratic toward her and other family members for years. She said she did not believe he was sorry about what happened, only sorry that he was going to prison.

Besides being humiliated and shamed by the sex abuse, the girl said she had been abandoned by family members who trusted and believed Bussard and not her.

Greg Olson, senior deputy district attorney, said the girl dozed off or passed out in Bussard's hot tub after he encouraged her to drink when she already was sleepy and feeling the effects of anti-depressant drugs. She woke up to find Bussard touching her and got out of the tub and went to bed, where he performed other sex acts on her, Olson said.

He said the girl told police she was "shaking and terrified," and "just lay in bed crying" while Bussard assaulted her.

Disgusting Creep 12.Jun.2004 23:04



Thank you enji! 13.Jun.2004 00:01


Really appreciate this. I was going crazy trying to find the story.

Question 24.Aug.2015 18:40


the judge said this guy would have to be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life, yet I can't seem to find him in Washington or Columbia County, or anywhere else.

Question 24.Aug.2015 18:40


the judge said this guy would have to be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life, yet I can't seem to find him in Washington or Columbia County, or anywhere else.