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Rush Limbaugh: 3 Time Loser

Limbaugh divorces for a third time.
Behold the sanctity of heterosexual marriage:

its about kids 11.Jun.2004 20:34

he said she said

he didn't want to have kids.

She did.

Low Level Rushgas Alert! 11.Jun.2004 20:54

no open flames

Keeping this Rushgas topic off channel, by placing the URL only, earns a low level alert rating.
Gasbag Deflated v3.0
Gasbag Deflated v3.0

Where's the source that it's about 12.Jun.2004 01:09


kids? She had kids already. And she is something like 45 years old now. It would be extremely difficult for her to have kids now.

Maybe... 12.Jun.2004 07:37

Tony Blair's dog

she wanted a man with "balls".