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$423,000,000 Funeral

One final joke from the man who operated under the myth of a smaller government.
National mourning has a price

By Warren Vieth | Los Angeles Times
Posted June 11, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Providing security for former President Reagan's funeral is likely to cost government agencies several million dollars, but a far bigger expense is the loss of a day's labor by most of the federal government's 1.8 million employees.

Under an executive order signed by President Bush, all federal workers except those needed to provide law enforcement, national security and other essential services are taking today off as part of a national day of mourning.

The Office of Personnel Management said Wednesday that a day's payroll expense for the entire federal work force is $423 million. Officials said it was not yet clear how many federal personnel would be required to work today.


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Rea-GONE . . . finally 11.Jun.2004 19:34

Nauseated By The State-Funded Reagan Love Fest

Apparently easier to love dead than living - even by his children.

Gone at last, gone at last. Thank God almighty, he's gone at last . . . but not before one last crime against the citizens of the United States.

Gone... 11.Jun.2004 20:21


...but not forgotten
"Thanks for Attending My Latest Movie"

a day off for the workers 11.Jun.2004 20:38

big deal

European counties take 6 week vacations and a shit load more holidays that americans do.

So they got a day vacation.

fuck, what a bunch of slave drivers you people are... :-)

Bad Reviews 11.Jun.2004 20:41

gene siskel

The party in power uses the federal employee pool, particularly in the federal district colony in Maryland, aka Washington DC, to augment the turn out for favored events. Even if only a fraction don't go to the malls to shop instead, every standing body helps to flesh out the photos of the spectacle.

I heard things like "a couple of thousand" standing in line to view the box, and "a few hundred" around the church. This seems a little meager for for a half-billion dollar cult festival.

burn baby burn 11.Jun.2004 22:24


That a lot of money to send someone to burn in hell.

getting a little crowded in here 11.Jun.2004 22:45


Alas, verily he goes..............................
The Gipper being welcomed to Hell by Nixon, Hitler and Truman Capote
The Gipper being welcomed to Hell by Nixon, Hitler and Truman Capote

Boo Hoo 12.Jun.2004 03:40


I hope I see the same comments for the burial of Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George H. Bush and Bill Clinton

State Funerals are expensive... no matter who dies

A National Holiday 12.Jun.2004 10:12

for the death of one of their empoyees

How apropos for a movie actor to be honored in this way by a member of the secret cult......
THE ORDER OF DEATH, otherwise known as Skull and Bones.

Fiscal Priorities 12.Jun.2004 13:30

North Portlander

Kitanis, I could be wrong but I think that Jimmy Carter would be distressed and appalled if this amount of money and hoopla were squandered upon his funeral. I would not be surprised if he took steps to thwart it and arrange something simple. 'fraid I can't say the same for Bush the Elder, Ford, or Clinton, though.