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Tre Arrow Makes NPR today!

Tre Arrow mentioned in NPR Morning Edition article today
Audio file from NPR (Windows Media Player required)

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homepage: homepage: http://www.npr.org/dmg/dmg.php?prgCode=ME&showDate=11-Jun-2004&segNum=5&mediaPref=WM

no credibility 11.Jun.2004 17:24

typical of npr

They chose not to call him by his legal name; in my mind that abandons any shred of credibility. Sounds like this piece came straight from the fbi. Oh well, I wouldn't expect any different.

NPR story 11.Jun.2004 17:45

stu blc@hevanet.com

This story sucked. First, they got Tre's name wrong. Second, they lumped Tre in with accused ELF activists, and that is unfair to everyone mentioned in the piece. Third, the only person interviewed for the story with any first hand knowledge of the subject was a prosecutor.

The story demonized Tre, was inadequately researched, and imho is hardly anything to celebrate. NPR gets worse with each passing day.

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National Republican Radio 11.Jun.2004 19:12

linda worthless

The "official, independent" broadcast enterprise, and the news component of its NPR appendage, differ from the commercial media in that they are freed from having to sculpt "news" to support the prime objective-keep the herd mesmerized between commercials. Instead, NPR must stroke the power centers at the seat of government in Washington.

Today's segment on Tre Arrow had a cultural fault line running through it--recalling, for instance, David Brinkley's inadequate attempts to confidently define and explain the hippies and the cloud formations of counter culture to the Cold War TV audiences back in the 60s. (I have to use that example, as I've been TV free for over twenty five years!)

One of the first things that must quickly follow the flushing of the runt is shipping Don Gonia--NPR's embedded monkey at the White Settler's House--back to Deroit, and off the radio.

Question about Tre's Name(s) 11.Jun.2004 22:17


I know Tre has legally changed his name, but I have a couple of questions.

I've now heard two audio broadcasts now that pronounce Tre Arrow "Tray" and not "Tree" Is this correct?

Plus they said his former name (birth name) is pronounced "Scar - Petty ) Is this correct?


yes 11.Jun.2004 22:22



ok thanks but.. 11.Jun.2004 22:28


Thanks, but Why did Stu say they got his name wrong? Because they called him Michael Scarpitti A.K.A. Tre Arrow and not the other way around?

yes 11.Jun.2004 23:59



National Public Radiation 12.Jun.2004 09:34

Den Mark, Vancouver

I stopped regular listening to NPR in 2000, when i realized i could not tell their presidential campaign coverage from repulsive commercial coverage. OPB does nice work, & local public stations across the country probably do, but the national news staff sucks most of the time. Boring pedestrian sophomoric garbage comes out of NPR news. I told OPB why i stopped sending them money: NPR sucks. Too bad.

O.k., I know this isn't the subject of this thread, BUT 12.Jun.2004 11:19


you gotta point it out where you find it:

"One of the first things that must quickly follow the flushing of the runt is shipping Don Gonia--NPR's embedded monkey at the White Settler's House--back to Deroit, and off the radio."

Please refrain from using animals ("monkey") as a derogatory way to describe humans. We are trying to close a primate center in this city, a cause Tre cares for deeply too. It doesn't help to unconsciously feed the disrespect of animals in this way. They are tortured at the primate center (literally), because they are seen as just animals, subhuman, worthless. Surely there are perjorative words to describe humans that don't condemn the animals too.

This is what's happening on PBS/NPR 12.Jun.2004 11:59

and monkeys would never do this conniving stuff

Public Broadcasting is DOA, having been totally highjacked by fundamentalist idealogues. Last year,in a breakfast room of a hotel,I overheard Maynard Orme, President and CEO of Oregon Pulbic Broadcasting, diss Bill Moyers and say that Moyers will never be replaced. I wrote to Orme and asked if he really said what I thought I heard, and he admitted that he had, and blamed the federal government for his cowardice(the feds have a noose around OPB's neck, and there's nothing the locals can do about it...).

Turn off the teevee. They're just feeding your head.

JUNE 1, 2004
11:39 AM
CONTACT: Common Cause
Mary Boyle 202-736-5770

Statement of Common Cause President Chellie Pingree on New Yorker PBS Story

WASHINGTON - June 1 - The following is a statement by Common Cause President Chellie Pingree on the New Yorker PBS Story:

"It is deeply troubling to learn that public broadcasting has been subject to intense ideological pressure, as reported this week by The New Yorker. Public broadcasting should not find itself in the crosshairs of a partisan firing squad. At a time when Americans are finding it more and more difficult to get past the clutter and partisanship on commercial TV and radio to find truthful sources of information about their government, this ideological pressure may gag one of the few sources of independent, substantive news and commentary that Americans can count on.

"The fact that members of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which provides federal funds to public radio and TV, should play politics with its program content should disturb us all, whatever our political views may be.

"The visionaries who created public broadcasting set up the CPB as the nonprofit corporation providing federal funds to public radio and TV. CPB's primary mission has always been to serve as a "heat shield" between government and public broadcasting, protecting programming from government interference. But instead of serving as a 'heat shield,' CPB now is the agent of ideological interference. And public broadcasting's news and public affairs programs in particular will be harmed if conservative members of the CPB have their way.

"The New Yorker's expose, 'Big Bird Flies Right,' documents several disturbing trends:

-- The decision by CPB to fund two programs -- one hosted by Tucker Carlson, who speaks for conservatives on CNN's 'Crossfire,' and one moderated by Paul Gigot, editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal, at the same time that 'NOW with Bill Moyers,' which receives no CPB funds, is cut from an hour to 30 minutes;

-- What appears to be a Bush Administration litmus test for choosing members of the CPB. When CPB board candidate Chon Noriega, a UCLA media professor and co-founder of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, was interviewed by the White House, he was asked whether the CPB should intervene in programming 'deemed politically biased.' When Professor Noriega said intervention should be used in only extraordinary circumstances, the appointment process ground to a halt, and the White House has asked Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) to put forward another candidate.

-- The observation by journalist Moyers, who told The New Yorker author Ken Auletta: 'This is the first time in my 32 years of public broadcasting that CPB has ordered up programs for ideological instead of journalistic reasons.'"

"There is a problem with the CPB. Whether it is a Democratic or Republican President who appoints them, CPB board members tend to be big political donors who often come with specific ideological agendas. This seems particularly true of the current board.

-- For example, President George W. Bush's most recent CPB appointees, Gay Hart Gaines and Cheryl Halpern, and their families, have given more than $800,000 to the Republican Party and candidates since 1995. Both these appointees have backgrounds that raise questions about their suitability to serve on the CPB board. During her confirmation hearing last fall, Halpern indicated that she would welcome giving CPB members the authority to intervene in program content when they felt a program was biased. Gaines chaired Newt Gingrich's (R-Ga.) political committee GOPAC. Gingrich as House Speaker proposed cutting all federal assistance to public TV."

"Board chairman Kenneth Tomlinson has given $7,700 to Republicans since 1995, and has been active in Republican politics. A friend of Karl Rove, he is quoted in The New Yorker as saying that 'It is absolutely critical for people on the right to feel they have the same ownership stake in public television as people on the left have,' and he objected to Moyers' including commentary in his programs.

"We cannot let partisans drive an ideological stake in the heart of public broadcasting. At a time when media consolidation makes it more and more difficult for Americans to hear diverse points of view and to be exposed to substantive, challenging journalism, we must save public broadcasting from these attempts to meddle with its editorial independence. Today I'm calling on our 250,000 Common Cause members and supporters and all those who support public broadcasting to phone, fax or e-mail members of the CPB board. Tell them we won't tolerate playing politics with public broadcasting."


THE BAG BOY IS A CIA AGENT 12.Jun.2004 18:52

tin hat timmy

Yeah, the bag boy is a CIA agent, the New World Order is trying to slip cocaine in your kids food, Starbucks is feeding you consumerism serum and the FBI is writing NPR's stories. Get your heads on straight, learn something about being intelligent and making deductions then wield a little bit of Occam's razor. COULD IT SIMPLY BE THAT PEOPLE ARE FALLABLE?? (NO!!!!!!! IT IS THE CORPORATE CONSPIRACY BLAH BLAH BLAH PUNCH ME IN THE HEAD)

I hope you retards realize that crying wolf makes it that much easier for REAL wolves to sneak past.

Response to Think 13.Jun.2004 01:15

linda worthless

Your points are well taken.

A while back there was an occasion on this IMC forum when I expressed similar uncomfortable views about using other beings to characterize the loopy, toxic antics of homo saps. Invariably these comparisons never really capture the effects of a species pretty much cut off from the rest of life on the planet. In the end, describing homo sapiens as homo sapiens pretty much says it best. And ascribing behavior of other species to homo saps perpetuates the notion that the other ones are mere abstractions. My pleasure is living in harmony, as an equal, with those who don't speak in ways that our species does.

After I hit "send" and looked at the comment, it came to me that my characterization of Gonia violated those feelings. I was thinking to myself "Well, I mean like an organ grinder monkey." But that still doesn't get me off the hook.

So, I do apologize for not following through with my own feelings, which I'm gratified to share with you and I wish everyone.

"tin hat timmy" IS A CIA AGENT. 13.Jun.2004 06:58

not a retard

screw you TROLL. when OPB's CEO goes out of his way to trash Bill Moyers - one of America's most respected and peer-recognized journalists - you know that the climate and corporate structure have changed.

in fact YES, the corporations have been hijacking Public Broadcasting for some time, especially accelerated through the 1980s and since Gulf War I. there are now brief commercial spots (NOT just announcments of the name of the sponsor, but actual 20-30 sec. mini-commercials) for large corporate sponsors at the beginning and end of PBS-TV programs.

the Common Cause press release reposted above describes everything:

thanks so much for 13.Jun.2004 11:39


writing that linda.

response to "wondering" - Tre's name 13.Jun.2004 21:28


"Wondering" asked why I said NPR got Tre's name wrong. Wondering correctly points out that NPR described him as ". . . , aka Tre Arrow." NPR got it wrong because the first name NPR mentioned is not this person. This person is Tre Arrow. Only the FBI and Justice Dep't prosecutors still use Tre's birth name. All local media, and the Associated Press, now understand he is Tre Arrow, born as . . .

Hope this is clear -- I just refuse to say that name here when those like NPR can't seem to understand it doesn't apply.

Shouldn't be surprised though, as NPR apparently thinks Reagan is a god.

BILLY GOAT'S GRUFF 14.Jun.2004 00:41

tin hat timmy

If I was trolling that would indicate that I didn't actually think you were being stupid, anti-intellectual and merely fashionably disaffected and that I just wanted responses. Allow me to assure you that the opinion beneath the text is quite genuine. A troll would be more along these lines:

Self-centered hipster jerks such as yourself who have very little experience and understanding of the world outside your brainless Chomsky worship seem to forget that other people live in this country besides you and your rag tag band of pbr drinking bike messenger wannabes. Your kind believes that some strange Ayn Rand superiority they have proves that middle America is actually uneducated and naive. Your smug kind can rot alongside the KKK and Nazis.

P.S. For those keeping track, this is an intentional and thereby self-cancelling invocation of Godwin's Law.

I'M PRETTY SURE MY PROTESTS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE ___ __.._ OR AT LEAST GET ME IN A FIST FIGHT .-" `"""" `-. / `-. / : _ `._ / |\ \ / \ \F 7 / / | /.__...-\ \-`. oo .' .' \ < ,/`-. `. `.__J \__7 /__7 `--' \__7 fsc